June 17 2011

Vacuum Degasser for JiangHan Oilfield

Shortly before, 1 set vacuum degasser was delivered to JiangHan Oilfield. This is the subsequent order after their first order for 1 set LWF450x842 Decanter Centrifuge and 1 set GNZJ83-2 Mud Cleaner.It is the excellent quality of our products and qualitied service to win the again order from our client.

Vacuum Degasser Waiting for Delivering 

May 21 2011

2 Sets HDD200 Drilling Mud Recycling System for CPP

2 sets HDD200 drilling mud recycling system for CPP Tianjin Dagang Engineering Construction Co.Ltd.(Hereinafter referred as Dagang Youjian) have been departured to Guangzhou sucessfully.

May 21 2011

HDD Drilling Mud Cleaning System export to South Korea

HDD drilling mud cleaning system waiting for shipping to South Korea, this is the second order from our client. This system mainly consists of GNZS83-2 shale shaker, ZQJ100S mud cleaner, SB4x3-11 centrifugal pump, SLH100 jet mud mixer and mud tand etc.

ZQJ100S mud cleaner

GNZS83-2 shale shaker

May 13 2011

14 Sets Mud Agitator Export to Halliburton Algeria Corporation

Shortly before, an purchase order of 14 sets mud agitator was placed to GN Solids Control from Halliburton Algeria Corporation. Now all the 14 agitators have been on the way to the destination port. As we known, Halliburton is one of the largest suppliers to provide products and service to energy industrial. The cooperation with Halliburton proves the high quality of our products and service.

May 11 2011

GN Attends 11th Moscow International Exhibition "OIL & GAS",......

GN will take part in the 11 th Moscow International exhibition "Oil and Gas". In the past year, we established a good cooperation with our customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Last year, the GN got great success in the world for GN is popularly known in the world, and GN products are already sold in over 48 countries and regions. Russian market is very important for us. In order to show the excellent quality of GN equipments to clients face to face, we will participate in the exhibition in 21-24th, June.

GN Solids Control at CIPPE 2011