gn-83-2 mud cleaner
April 24 2010

Mud cleaning equipments to Zhejiang

Some mud cleaning equipments ready for delivery for a Pipe engineering commpany in Zhejiang,they purchased 2 sets of mud cleaning equipments for solids control system from GN Solids Control last year,now they  repeat their order for some other drilling mud equipments.

 brandt shaker screens
April 24 2010

Replacement of NOV BRANDT shale shaker screen to Canada

Last month we ship some replacement shaker screens for Nov Brandt King Cobra shale shaker to our Canada client. It is a trail order to test the quality and delivery time, after passing the test, they will have constant screen demand for their shaker. Dimension:635x1253mmType: PWPMaterial:SS304


decanting centrafuge
April 20 2010

Dredged slurry separation equipment to CSIC

CSIC bought some dredged slurry separation equipments from us recently.It is used by a subsidiary company under CSIC for their project.  China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation ( CSIC ), established on 1st July1999, consisting of some of the enterprises and institutes of former China State Shipbuilding Corporation (old CSSC), is a very large state-owned enterprise, an entity with state authorization for investment and capital management, directly under the supervision of Chinese central government.CSIC is also willing to buy another three sets slurry separation system from us to replace the USA mud system. This plan will save considerable cost of purchasing and international delivery from USA.

thailand storage mud tank
April 19 2010

Storage mud tank agitator to Thailand

Two Storage mud tank agitators have been shipped to Bangkok, Thailand. They use the mud agitator to match their storage tank.

 They are one rather competent international enterprise. They mainly engage oilfield service and related industries. They have so many branches all over the world, you can see their capability and strength.

kazakstan centrifugal pump
April 17 2010

Premix mud tank equipments and spare parts to Kazakstan

This week we ship a set of Premix mud tank equipments and spare parts to Kazakstan.The list of material for the premix tank is including the following items.

mixing pump                           Agitator                florecent lights     flood lights                              heater                plug and receptacles    and other small parts