April 12 2011

In the beginning of 2011,we got a contract with a China drilling rig company for 6 sets complete solids control equipments for six oil drilling rig.
This order sums up to  1.2 Million US Dollars.This China drilling rig company is the production base for Great Wall Drilling Company in China.

Following photoes for the first shipment.

Rig solids control equipment

Rig Decanter Centrifuge

This Solids Control Equipments order including:

1)Shale Shaker:18 Each
2)Mud Cleaner:3 each
3)Desander:3 Each
4)Desilter:3 Each
5)Vacuum Degasser:6 Each
6)Decanter Centrifuge:7 Each
7)Centrifugal Pump:36 Each
8)Mud Agitator:96 Each
9)Mud Guns:84 Each  and 12 each mud hoppers.

Rig Triple Shale Shaker

Rig Centrifugal Pump

With the development of GN Solids Control,and the increasing reputation of GN,we have started cooperation with many big domestic and international customers.
Just a few days ago,we had a contract with the second largest oilfield service company in the world:Halliburton.