mud cleaner
January 18 2011

GN 400 GPM Drilling Fluid Recovery System to France

We are very glad to annonce that we have exported to France this drilling fluid recovery system, after export to Ukraine, Germany, Poland, now we export to another European countries. As we all know, Europeans value the quality, and this client are very satisfied after check after the products done.

Equipments in GN 400 GPM Drilling Fluid Recovery System to France The first stage of this drilling fluid recovery system is the most popular shale shaker GNZS63-3, then the GNZJ 63-3 mud cleaner, to get a better result, and more convinient to replace shaker screen, we use the same shaker for mud cleaner. In most of our systems, we consider about this, not only to supply best products, we also supply best services, and all the products are customer focusing. More convinient to change the spare parts, easier for transportation, and so on. GNZJ 63-3 mud cleaner includes two 8" desander cones and eight 4" desilter cones. Slurry feed by two SB5x4-13 centrifugal pumps.


tbm slurry separation desilter to poland
January 08 2011

GN240 Slurry Separation Plant to Poland

After export some solids control equipments to Poland, more companies in Poland know and accept GN Solids Control, and the brand. Now we export GN240 Slurry Separation Plant to Poland, a system for waste water cleaning work. The multi-stage re-circulating slurry separation plant consist of ZQJ250*3 desander and ZQJ100*18 desilter also feeding pump for desander and desilter.And the desander are consist of 3 10in hydrocyclone cones, and desilter consist of 14 4in hydrocyclone cones.

The Process Flow of GN240 Slurry Separation Plant (Poland)

After the screening stage, the slurry (max particle≤0.5mm) flow to sump1. This SB8x6-14 feeding Pump moves the slurry to the second phase, feed slurry to ZQJ250x3 Desander(10” Cones). Here the slurry is pumped through the de-sanding Hydro-cyclones, which removes the solids above the 75 micron size.

Water well drilling mud system
December 22 2010

Water well drilling mud cleaning and mixing unit to Mongolia

In the bigining of this year,we delivered unit to mongolia here:Water well drilling mud recycling system to Mongolia .Another client a big drilling company from Australia saw our unit operating,and come to us.This Australia client is one of the largest mining exploration company in world with up to 500 drill rig.Before shipment,their engineer come to inspect and very satified with the design & layout of the mud recycling unit.

Configuration of the Mud system:

mud clear to Daqing oilfield
December 17 2010

Drilling mud cleaning & holding tank system to Daqing

CPP is one of the biggest HDD company in China, and after ordering 15 systems in the last 2 years, they highly recommand our products to Daqing Oilfield. Then after check on the site where CPP operate mud recycling system, surprised to know this API & ISO certificated company, they are also very glad to order one system.

This system is a little same as CPP, but more holding tanks for drilling fluid storage. Also the most popular GNZS 63-3 shale shaker and GNZJ 63-3 mud cleaner.

GNZJ 63-3 Mud Cleaner

GNZS 63-3 Shale Shaker


mud cleaner--drilling fluids system to Austrilia
December 03 2010

GN500 GPM Drilling fluid system for coal seam Methane and HDD

This system was delivered last week. It's for another Australian client. We disucssed technique proposal since August. After their visiting us in September, they placed the order. They use the fluid system on both HDD and coal seam methane drilling. This system is "decided" by client but manufactured by GN. Why? There are so many special requirements to cater to their actual usage conditions. And we configure it out and satisfy them. How about this system? Please find it as below:

GNZJ 83-3 Mud Cleaner

GNZS 83-3 Shale Shaker