shale shaker
May 29 2010

Shale Shaker To Thailand

GNZS63-3 Shale Shaker is one of the best sales model of GN linear motion series shale shakers. The clients from Thailand Horizontal directional drilling Contractor made decision to buy two sets for GNZS63-3 Shale Shaker and one set sand pump from us just within about 2 weeks.They build the mud tank by themselves,and install our shale shaker for treating the drilling mud.

solids control equipment in indonesia
May 28 2010

Solids control equipments for oil drilling to Indonesia

We have shipped many sets of solids control system and equipments to Indonesia,Just today,our engineer come back from Indonesia for commissioning and give us good news: our solids control equipment runs very well and the customer are very satisfied with our products.

Now,another Indonesia drilling company purchased one complete set solids control equipments from us, including shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, they build tanks locally, because mud tanks are not convenient to ship.


hycdrocyclone desilter
May 15 2010

Hydrocyclone separator & cones to Great wall drilling company

The drilling mud hydrocyclone separators and the desilter cones are going to delivered for oilfield mud system of Great wall drilling company.

Hydrocodone desilter                                                   Hydrocyclone separators  

mud gas separator
May 05 2010

Oilfield mud gas separator and electric gas flare ignition system to CNPC

CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) are very satisfied with GN Solids Control customized solutions for the mud gas separator for their 3 drilling rigs project. By competing with so many manufacturers of poor boy degasser and electric gas flare ignition system, CNPC finally choose the solution from GN Solids Control. That’s because they are assured about GN’s reliable quality from our passed projects, and moreover, we give them fast delivery and competitive price.

hebei decanter centrifuge
April 26 2010

Decanter Centrifuges (LW450×1000N) to Hebei

Two sets of LW450×1000N decanter centrifuge for A Hebei Group company.LW450×1000N decanter drum is:450mm×1000mm,Speed 1800RPM,Maximun treating capacity is about 60 cubic meters per hour.