August 18 2009

GN solids Control consultant sales

GN solids Control consultant salesWe suggest our sales to act like a consultant for customer,explain well for every questions customer have.Here is an example Email Q 1,Can you adjust the deck angle on your shale shakers ?   The deck angle adjustment is: 0°~3°, Enclosed picture is an unfinished equipment we are making for our indian customer,we will give you the tool for adjustment.Q.2, Can the top screen be the same size as the bottom or is this not necessary ?This is not necessary,actually,we design it according to your treating capacity,for yours,the top screen is smaller than the bottom screen.Q 3, Can you tell me more on where the 10" cones are charged from and why you use them . Are they feed from the underflow from a shale shaker ? Will these be fitted to the mud cleaner that you have sent information on .The mud cleaner we sent you in the document (Mud Cleaner regular model.pdf) is a regular model of our company,it’s the one we sent you before we know your detail requirements.Now what we offer you is a cusomized one.It’s technical info. is including in the (GN quotation.pdf) ,and we don’t have a specific picture of it,but you can see what it is look like in the (GNsolids control  Illustration.pdf)Our regular mud cleaner is combined from desander,desilter,and single shaker.But the one for you is different,it is conbined from desilter and a double deck shaker.And the  10" cones is for desander,we delete it since you don’t have a feed pump for it.But actually,the desilter is enough for you.
August 17 2009

Sell solids control equipments for discounts

We sell solids control equipments for discounts these days considering for cutting cost of customer in the economy recessionAnother reason is the steel price has dropped down these -order oilfield equipments now to enjoy discountsThe solids control equipments material are mainly steels,since the price of steel in China dropped down these days,We are purchasing steels for store.If customers order equipments from us now.We we will give you discounts.Why wait?GN solids control specialize in mud separation equipments,our shale shakers,and decanting centrifuges are selling well around the world.
August 14 2009

Drilling mud tanks equipments- Mud hoppers

We just manufacture some mud hoppers for drilling mud tanks

Learn About our : Drilling mud purification system technology

Now we post some pretty pictures of mud hoppers for customers review.

Mud Hopper is the basic device of making up drilling fluid. It can mix solid phase additive with drilling fluid evenly. Adopting vortex mixing technology, Mud Hopper can add drilling fluid materials such as alta mud, heavy spar and so on to drilling fluid quickly in order to adapt to complex drilling technique. The main characteristics of this product are better mixing result, higher feeding rate and smaller frequency of feeding jam.We manufacture and all solids control drilingl mud tank equipments,welcome to contact us and get your offer with short lead time,but strick quality control.

GN solids control catalog
August 12 2009

Apply for GN Solids Control Agent or Dealers.

GN Solids Control is looking for international partners to be our agent or sole representative of GN whole series equipment,systems,and spare parts around the world.We do this to improve our solids control service by offering international customers local service.

GN Major Application Field:

  • Oil & Gas Drilling-Solids Control Equipment.
  • HDD & Underground-Mud Recycling System.
  • Mining & Industrial-Slurry separation and More.

Contact our existing agent:Worldwide agents

Learn more about us :Company Profile·


2010 GN Presentation Who Can be GN oilfield equipments agent?

All the interested agents are requested to send their details by Filling & Stamping &Summitting the Agent Application form,If the agency business is not a registered business(as company) then we will need a letter of reference and bank details.After assessment,We will feedback you soon.

Only when customer sales volume is over USD 200 Thousand is capable to apply for GN Solids Control sole agent(exclusive agent).

How to become GN oilfield equipments agent? Products Brochure Application Form
  • We review &stamp & feedback you with Agent Contract((Authorization letter)
  • Start agent cooperation
Why be GN solids control· agent? Items Agent Sole Agent ·Authorization letter ·Yes ·Yes ·Bottom Pricelist ·Yes ·Yes ·Inquiry assignment ·Yes ·100% Percent Yes ·Return Commissions

>=500K USD 3%

>=1000K USD 5%

·>=500K · USD 5%

·>=1000K USD 8%


>=500K Catalog list

>=600K 1 Free Sample

·>=500K · 1 Free Sample

·>=1000K 4 Free Samples ·Tech Help ·Yes ·Yes ·Website List ·Yes ·Yes ·Catalog List ·No ·Yes ·Company Email ·No ·Yes


1,The Number in Commissions and Gifts column mean sales volume in K(Thousand) USD Dollars.

2,The samples mentioned above means a choice from (Shale shaker,desander,desilter,mud cleaner,centrifuges,vacuum degasser)

Join GN solids control and offer worldwide customer: Cost-effective 3P Solids Control Solutions

········· * Produce first-class products

········· * Provide over-expected service

········· * Pursue unlimited customer value·

Join Now:

And represent GN Solids Control Oilfield Equipments Agent.

drilling mud tanks
August 08 2009

Drilling mud system tanks for repeat customer

 Drilling mud system tanks  fro repeat customerWe put this small deal of   Drilling mud system tanks  fro repeat customer to let GN solids control team know,if we take care of our customers,they will love us,and make order again for our solids control equipments.Here is the finished Two tanks for drilling mud system with electric mud agitators.


We hope GN teams will always keep in mind our Company mission: