gn 355 1250 high speed centrifuge
November 15 2010

GLW355x1250N High Speed Decanter Centrifuge to Brazil

3 sets of GLW355X1250N High Speed Decanter Centrifuge to Brazil are ready to delivery in our factory yard . GN Solids Control is a high reputation manufacture for oil drilling & underground drilling mud cleaning equipments in China . Decanter centrifuge as the important equipments for recovering of barite, removing of fine solids, reducing the content of solids in drilling fluids and controlling the density and viscosity , is one of the competitive equipments in GN Solids Control company .This Brazil buyer ordered 3 set of high speed centrifuge and 3 set of feeding pump for the centrifuges .Please read the bellowing pictures for the centrifuge and feeding pump.

GN API Certificate
November 12 2010

Good news! GN Solids Control got API Certificate

Congratulations! GN has just got API Q1 certificate. API certificate is a rather reliable file in Oil and Gas drilling industry. Including drilling mud solids control division.

However, as we all know API does not regulate each mud equipments standard, design, technique, etc. But it restricts specific rules on manufacturing, procurement,  managing, quality control, etc.

Why GN can get approval from API? Why there are always so many clients choose GN Solids Control?

dredging slurry separation system
October 27 2010

Dredging Slurry Separation System to Jiangsu

A few days ago, a dredging slurry separation sysetm was sent to a enviomental company in Jiangsu China. GN Solids Control is always manufacturing envioment friendly products, and help oil and gas drilling works, well drilling works, drege works and so on to separate the solids from the fluids.The GN Model FL1000 has been designed specifically to accept feed directly from the dredge at a rate of 4400 gpm. GN’s unique self contained solid removal technology separates solids from dredged slurry via a three stage system down to 10 to 30um.

FL 1000 contains 5 GNZS 83-3 shale shaker, 3 ZQJ 250 desander, 3 ZQJ 100 desilter, and 6 SB 8*6*14 centrifugal pump to pump the slurry to desander and desilter. Also two slurry tanks.

Elevating mud gas separator to Mozambique
October 25 2010

Elevating Mud Gas Separator to Mozambique

The mud gas separator was exported to Moazmbique. However, it was bought via one Poland company. The Mozambique company is end user and they are oil&drilling company. While the Poland company is big corporation on oil&gas exploration industry. They appreciated our elevating designe. Moreover, they know we are API cerified manufacturer and we'll get certificate in early November.

The specification is as following:

tandem shale shaker for workover rig
October 23 2010

Tandem Shale Shaker for workover rig to Indonesia

This week we shipped 2 sets of Tandem shale shaker to our Indonesia client for their workover drilling rig. Main specification of GNZS83-2 Tandem shale shaker1 Vibrating mode: Linear motion2 Treating capacity: each with 264gpm, totally 528gpm. 3 Screen mesh size:40~80 mesh 4 Screen area: each with 1.8 m2, totally 3.6 m2(38.75 ft2)5 Screen type: Parimid screen to enlarge screen area