March 28 2011

In the 1 of World’s top 3 Drilling show 11th,CIPPE,GN Solids Control booth is the biggest for Solids Control Equipments, and the most complete equipments booth for Solids Control. Also we come back with great success. With GN Patent Shale Shaker, GN booth is very attractive, many companies are competing to buy the all the equipments, especially the international customers. Finally, we sold all equipments to an Turkey Drilling Rig manufacturer.And we also got some other big orders especially from overseas customers like Australia,Peru,Dubai etc.

GN Solids Control Booth

4th Generation BEM Shale Shaker

11Show BEM Shaker

11Show BEM Shale Shaker

Linear motion Mud Cleaner

11Show Mud Cleaner

LWF450x1000N Decanter Centrifuge

11Show Decanter Centrifuge

11Show Mud Cleaning System

11Show Mud Circulation System

11SHow Mud Tank

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