2022.04.11 Centrifuge Unit
April 15 2022

GNOST-05B Oil Sludge Treatment Package System for Kazakhstan Client

Oil sludge is one of the most difficult treating material in the oil & gas industry, with many years’ successful experience, GN Solids Control is able to provide more and more oil sludge treatment package system. This April, GN Solids Control finished another set 5 m3/h oil sludge treating unit for a Kazakhstan client. GN Solids Control builds standard 2 m3/h, 5 m3/h and 15 m3/h oil sludge treating systems, and GN Solids also able to provide customized turnkey oil sludge treating unit to meet different clients’ demands. 

2022.04.07 Automatic Tank Cleaning
April 08 2022

Automatic Mud Tank Cleaning Unit for Offshore Drilling Platform

GN Solids Control is a turnkey solids and liquid separation system provider, many GN tank cleaning equipment and GN oil sludge systems are provide to world wide clients. Clean mud tank usually takes 4 workers get into the tank and spend 4-5 hours for thoroughly cleaning, but with GN tank cleaning system it easy to reduce the labor work and also save time greatly. GN Solids Control just finished manufacturing of another set automatic tank cleaning unit for an offshore drilling platform. It will be used to clean the drilling mud tank effectively by using 2 high pressure flushing nozzles. Below are the main components in this tank cleaning unit. 

2022.04.01 Mini Solids Pump
April 03 2022

Mini Solids Vacuum Pump and Mini Decanter Centrifuge for International Customer

Tank sludge move and clean is one of the toughest job after long time oil storage. GN Solids Control has many years’ successful experiences in tank cleaning. GN Solids Control last week finished manufacturing of one mini solids vacuum pump and one mini decanter centrifuge for an overseas client, these two equipment will be delivered in the following week. 

2022.03.21 High G Drying Shaker
March 25 2022

Drilling Cuttings Drying Shaker for Offshore Drilling Service Company

GN Solids Control has provided many sets of drilling cuttings drying shakers to the offshore drilling service companies for many years. With hundreds of successful GN made solids control and drilling waste management equipment using in the world, GN Solids Control is getting to known by more and more drilling waste management companies, drilling contractors etc. 

2022.03.17 Decanter Centrifuge Skid
March 18 2022

Europe ATEX Standard Explosion Proof Decanter Centrifuge for Middle East C......

GN Solids Control shipped two sets of ATEX explosion proof standard decanter centrifuges to a Middle East oil service company last week after these days hard work. GN Solids Control has sold and manufactured more than 50 sets decanter centrifuges since the beginning of this year.