2023.07.14 Solids Removal Unit
July 15 2023

Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal Unit to South Africa Client

GN Solids Control recently shipped a state-of-the-art Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal Unit to a valued client in South Africa this Monday. This advanced system is specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of diamond core drilling operations, providing efficient solids removal and ensuring the preservation of valuable drilling mud.

2023.07.05 Decanter Centrifuge
July 09 2023

Solids Vacuum Pump and Mud Cleaner for Middle East Oilfield Service Company

GN Solids Control recently completed a shipment of specialized equipment to a prominent oilfield service company in the Middle East. The delivery included three sets of GN Vacuum Pump 20B, one GN Mud Cleaner GNZS594J-2S12N, and one GN Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363D.

2023.06.29 Solids Control System
July 01 2023

Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management System for China Company

GN Solids Control has recently completed the manufacturing of a compact mud drilling mud solids control system and a skid-mounted drilling cuttings management system for a prominent Chinese company. These systems are scheduled to be shipped to the customer's rig site in the near future.

2023.06.21 Oilfield Centrifuge
June 22 2023

18 inch drilling mud decanter centrifuge for offshore drilling platform

GN Solids Control this week finished manufacturing of two set 18 inch bow drilling mud decanter centrifuges for one offshore drilling rig platform. They will be shipped to customer after the dragon festival holidays through strictly factory water test. GN Solids Control manufactures different rotating bowl sizes decanter centrifuges, in the oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control made 14 inch bowl centrifuge and GN 18 inch bowl centrifuge are very popular no matter it is onshore drilling mud control or offshore drilling waste treating.

2023.06.15 Solids Control System
June 16 2023

GN Solids Control System for oil drilling to Indian Company

GN Solids Control as a world-famous oil and gas drilling solids control manufacturer based in China who have been providing to more than eighty countries and regions, among them one Indian Drilling Contractor just purchased a whole set GN Solids Control system that soon will be shipped to customer’s yard.