2020.03.12 Oil Sludge Treatment Equimpent
March 12 2020

Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment to  Brunei

GN Solids Control has provided hundred sets of Oil Sludge Treating Systems to global customers. Customers from USA, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia and some other countries are using GN oil sludge treating systems to treat high viscosity and large solids content drill cuttings and oil mud. 

2020.03.06 Drilling Mud Cleaner
March 06 2020

Drilling fluids vacuum degasser and mud cleaner for Middle East Customer

GN Solids Control just finished multiple sets vacuum degassers and mud cleaners this week. These equipment will be delivered to Middle East and used in oil and gas drilling rig sites. 

1P2 GNTBM 360M
February 26 2020

GN Released Updated TBM Slurry Separation Unit

GN Solids Control has been keeping upgrade all different kinds of solids and liquid separation systems since the beginning of establishment. Until now GN Solids Control has provided thousands of mud recycling systems to global customers. 

2020.02.20 Offshore Platform Pump
February 21 2020

GN Offshore Vacuum Pump Delivered to Offshore Customer

GN Solids Control is one leading solids control and waste management equipment manufacturer. Besides those solids and liquid treating equipment, GN Solids Control also manufactures different kinds of transfer pumps include Vacuum Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Submersible Pump and Screw Pump etc. 

February 15 2020

GN Oil Water Solids Separation System in stock for sale

GN oil sludge treatment system is a type turnkey solution for oil, water and solids separation. It is specially designed to the treat the oily sludge coming from various sources like oil waste from refinery, oil storage tank bottom slag and oil drilling waste. GN now has one set oil water solids separation system in stock for sale. Complete new set, prompt delivery with good price.

GN oil water solids separation system is using different equipment to make the separation step by step; the final purpose is to recover oil and water. Its main working procedures are as below.