2022.10.07 Soil Washing Separation
October 09 2022

Oil Contaminated Soil Washing and Separation Equipment for Middle East Customer

Oil contaminated soils is one of the most difficult materials in order to reuse the soil and oil, as a leading Solids and Liquid Separation Equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control is especially good at providing oil contaminated soil washing and separation equipment. Last month, GN Solids Control finished all the testing of one Oil Contaminated soil washing and separation equipment for one Middle East customer before leave factory. This turnkey solution is mainly composed by the following product:

2022.09.28 1000HP Solids Control System
October 02 2022

1000HP Drilling Rig Solids Control System for Middle East

GN Solids Control just finished manufacturing and testing of one set 1000HP drilling rig solids control system for one Middle Eastern company who will use it in New Zealand next month. With the rich experience on oil and gas drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management, GN Solids Control is proud to have another successful 1000 HP drilling rig solids control system for a happy customer. So below are the treating equipment in this mud solids control system:

2022.09.20 Oil Sludge Treatment
September 24 2022

Modular Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System for Uzbekistan Customer

Oil sludge is always treated as one of the most difficult treating materials due to heavy density and large solids content. As one of the leading solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control has rich and successful experience to provide a most cost effective oil sludge treating system. Last week GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of another set modular oil sludge washing and separation system il sludge washing and separation system with the treating capacity of 5 m3/h for a Uzbekistan customer. Below are the main treating equipment in this modular oil sludge treating unit:

2022.09.13 Decanter Centrifuge
September 16 2022

5 Packages Drilling Waste Treatment Equipment for 2000HP drilling rig to Nigeria

After 3 months’ hard work, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of 5 sets OBM drilling rigs waste management systems for one Nigerian company. And all the factory tests and equipment acceptance have been witnessed and approved by third-party inspection company DNV. GN Solids Control is proud to say that all indicators of these 5 sets OBM drilling rig waste management systems are qualified and passed the acceptance of the third party one time.

2022.090.07 Desander desilter
September 10 2022

Drilling Mud Desander and Desilter Assembly for offshore drilling company

GN Solids Control is a top brand solids control and drilling waste management equipment manufacturer who has provided in the onshore and offshore drilling. Usually the offshore drilling company has a more strict standard for the drilling mud equipment, with rich experiences on solids control, GN Solids Control last month finished another manufacture order of drilling mud desander and desilter for an offshore drilling company.