Vacuum Shale Shaker 2023.02.16
February 15 2023

ViST Vacuum Triple Shale Shaker for China Drilling Company

Now there is a trend that more and more drilling rig contractors are paying great attention to the effective way of drilling mud recovery these days. One of the most popular newly developed products are vacuum screen unit, short for ViST.

2023.02.08 CIPPE 1
February 09 2023

GN Solids Control Invites You to Join the 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Equipment......

CIPPE is finally expecting a glorious exhibition in 2023 after a long time COVID. Here GN Solids Control would like to invite all GN Solids Control friends to join one of the world largest oil and gas shows in Beijing, China from May., 31st to Jun., 2nd in the Beijing International Exhibition Center (New).

As the world famous brand of solids control equipment manufacturer and drilling waste management equipment systems, GN Solids Control has been keeping providing the most cost-effective products in thousands of drilling rig sites. Without doubt, CIPPE ( 2023 is a great show, GN Solids Control is excited to meet customers at our booth.

2023.02.03 Solids Vacuum Pump
February 03 2023

GN Mute Solids Vacuum Pump for Tunneling Slurry Transfer

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing vacuum transfer pumps for many years, and this week GN Solids Control shipped one newly developed mute solids vacuum pump to a tunneling slurry contractor. 

GN Vacuum Shaker
January 26 2023

GN New Type Vacuum Shale Shaker for Drilling Fluids Solids Control

GN Solids Control just launched a new type vacuum shale shaker to help oil gas drilling contractors reduce drilling waste volume and recycle more drilling fluids for a greener world. The vacuum shale shaker is a new technology to enhance the drilling fluids recovery by combining traditional shale shaker and vacuum screen. ViST is Vacuum Screen Technology, composed by a vacuum unit, catch pan(s) and hoses etc, which was first designed by GN Solids Control in June, 2017. It was proved to be a big success and highly efficient product when work together with a shale shaker to treat OBM, WBM and SBM.

HappyNewYear2023 1
January 22 2023

Happy Chinese New Year to all GN Friends

2023 is a rabbit year on Chinese lunar calinder, and today is the 1st day of CNY. Here GN Solids Control would like to say Happy New Year to all our friends and GN business partners, thanks for all your support especially during COVID. Looking forward to 2023, GN Solids Control will have more confidence to build a much closer business partership with our customers, and with the open policy of the government, GN Solids Control will particiapte more exhibitions or shows in 2023.