gn cuttings solidification unit
January 04 2020

Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit for Africa Client

In GN assembling yard, one set drilling cuttings solidification unit are ready for shipment to GN client from Africa. The drilling cuttings solidification unit is an ideal final solution for water based drilling waste disposal. Since the first issuing in the year of 2014, GN solidification unit has been upgraded several times to optimize the design for easy installation, operation and transportation. 

December 26 2019

3 Phase Separator for Oil Recovery to China Oilfield Service Company

Recently, GN finished the order of 3 phase separator for China oilfield Service Company. Being a separation solution provider, GN is committed to providing qualified, considerable and cost competitive separation equipment and turnkey solution to various industries. 

In oilfield, lot of oil content waste need to be treated to recover the oil. The waste may come from oil based drilling cuttings or other type oily sludge. For 3 phase separation of heavy liquid, light liquid and solid, GN has tri-canter and disc stack separator to do this job in oily sludge treatment. According to different requirement, these 2 type machine can be applied individually or put in a line one after the other, normally, the disc stack separator is located for the subsequent of tri-canter for heavy liquid and light liquid separation.

December 23 2019

Now you can check classical case study on GN official website

Recently, GN added the new page on official website to show some classical case studies in using GN products for different industries. At this time, GN solids control equipment is mainly used in oilfield for drilling mud recycling and waste management or No dig drilling for drilling mud cleaning.  

Visitors coming to GN official website can find the module of “Reference” on top of the page, and then choose the "Cases" for detailed information of the 5 classical cases. Here in this article will give a brief introduction on these projects.

1. GN mud system for Australia client will applied in Remote jobsite

In the first week of December, GN shipped out this mud system via large size professional transport aircraft. In designing of this system, GN fully considered the weight and structure of each module to make the system can be helicoptered to drilling site. 

December 14 2019

GN complete solids control package take flight to Papua New Guinea

In some remote oilfield like Papua New Guinea, customers need high quality and specially design solids control system for shipping by helicopiter. GN Solids Control is one of the few companies who have experiece for such system design and manufacture.

This is project not only need special design with high quality, but client need delivery in a short time. Finally with all the effort we can make together with customer, the solids control system is delivered in time. To ensure the project start on time, our client decided to ship it with airplane. So for the first time, we deliver the whole mud system with a big airplane.

December 06 2019

Helicopter hoisting Drilling Mud System for Australia Customer

This week, GN shipped out one set drilling mud system for an Australia drilling company. It is worthy to mention that the whole package of the mud system will be helicoptered to drilling site where no road can arrive. Lot of huge size mud tank and heavy machinery will be hoisting shipped there, really a rough job.

This system is consisting of complete drilling mud recycling module and mud mixing module. It counts 6 mud tanks total to ensure the sufficient mud storage capacity.