June 19 2010

Two Sets of XJ450 HP Workover drilling rig solids control system are ready for delivery to Indonesia. It is for our Chinese drilling and workover service company, their activities are mostly for Indonesia.
After several solids control system being sent to Indonesia, and many solids control components such as desander and desilter vacuum degasser, sand pump, drilling mud mixers, etc. Our products have accepted by several oil and gas drilling companies and oilfield contractors.

solids control equipment to indonesia

solids control equipments to indonesia       solids control equipment to indonesia

This XJ 450 HP workover drilling rig mud system including one circulation mud tank, one mixing tank, two shale shaker, one middle speed centrifuge, two sand pumps, two jet mud mixers, two mud agitators, also all the oilfield solids control parts, pipelines, stairs, lighting system, valves and so on.

To get customized solution for your workover drilling rig solids control system,pls feel free to contact GN Solids Control.

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Solids control equipments for oil drilling to Indonesia

Vermeer HDD rig mud recycling system to Indonesia

2 mud tank systems for workover drilling rig to Indonesia

We have shipped many sets of solids control system and equipments to Indonesia, after our engineer came back from Indonesia for commissioning and give us good news: our solids control equipment runs very well and the customer are very satisfied with our products.

Vacuum degasser & Sand Pumps & Agitators to Indonesia

Vacuum degasser,sand pumps and mud agitator are indispensable solids control equipments for mud tank system. The Indonesia client is an oilfield drilling operation company,from new :Mud cleaner desilter cones to Indonesia, you'll see they ever bought desilter cones from us.As an old customer of us,this time,they made the order within 10 days for the  Vacuum degasser,sand pumps and mud agitator.With GN fast response,we delivered all the equipments within 10 days.

Drilling mud mixers to Indonesia and Mud cleaner desilter cones to Indonesia