August 18 2010

Just on Monday we delivered poor boy degasser, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, mud mixer to Thailand. Pleased to say, they are GN repeat customer in Thailand.

The poor boy degasser usually used in deep oilwell drilling it is also named as "Mud gas separator". This Thailand customer is an oilwell drilling services company they has special requirements on the poor boy degasser. They use the poor boy degasser in 800bbl total treating capacity system.

They requested the vessel diameter should be 36". A ladder on the side also need a 10ft U-Tube at least. The U-Tube is related with liquid seal or mud leg. At maximum capacity, naturally more internal pressure will be created causing chance of overcoming liquid seal (mud leg). On the other hand when the unit is handling very little fluid, there is less possibility of overcoming the mud leg. They requested 10ft U-Tube is more appropriate for their actual requirements on the degasser( 220~300m3/h) for the whole mud system treating capacity.

thailand parts of  poor boy degasser
thailand poor boy degasser

The detailed specs of the poor boy degasser is as following:
Model: ZYQ900 (Customized design)
Main vessel diameter: 36" (910mm)
Treating capacity: 220~300m3/h
Mud inlet line: 5", and 13'length
Mud output line (U-Tube): 8", and 10' length

Vent line: 8", and 18' length
Weight: 1800kg
Design code: PRC Petrol and Natural gas Industry Standard--SY/T5612-2007
Remark: This poor boy degasser with relief valve
thailand poor boy degasser spec outline dimension

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Furthermore, they are in urgent demand on above equipments. So they ship them by air. Then the mud gas seaparator must be designed as easy-air shipment. Actually, for this mud gas separator the transportation dimension is 1669L x 1669W x 5691H. Consider their shipment issue, our engineer designed this into 2 parts. Although we manufacture the customized nonstandard poor boy degasser we finished it just 1 week.

Of course also other items we did our best to satisfy the dimension requirements. Such as ZCQ240 Vacuum degasser, mud agitators. We also take customer's freight cost in consideration we control the weight as little as possible. Finally, the poor boy degasser, centrifugal pump, mud agitators, vacuum degasser, also along with necessary pipelines, fittings, etc. accessaries were delivered on time and at high quality.

thailand drilling mud agitator

thailand vacuum degasser

Thailand customer have received goods and feel satisfied with our customization design and circumspected service. They said they would expand GN high quality and excellent services in Thailand, they will also cooperate with us on lasting mutual benefit basis

We GN also wish we can do better and better customized services for more and more worldwide clients