January 08 2011

After export some solids control equipments to Poland, more companies in Poland know and accept GN Solids Control, and the brand. Now we export GN240 Slurry Separation Plant to Poland, a system for waste water cleaning work.
The multi-stage re-circulating slurry separation plant consist of ZQJ250*3 desander and ZQJ100*18 desilter also feeding pump for desander and desilter.And the desander are consist of 3 10in hydrocyclone cones, and desilter consist of 14 4in hydrocyclone cones.

tbm slurry separation desilter to poland tbm slurry separation hydrocyclone to poland

The Process Flow of GN240 Slurry Separation Plant (Poland)

After the screening stage, the slurry (max particle≤0.5mm) flow to sump1.
This SB8x6-14 feeding Pump moves the slurry to the second phase, feed slurry to ZQJ250x3 Desander(10” Cones).
Here the slurry is pumped through the de-sanding Hydro-cyclones, which removes the solids above the 75 micron size.

The overflow from these hydro-cyclones drops into a second isolated tank section (Sump 2), while the underflow is discharged from the trough of the ZQJ250x3 Desander.
The slurry, which now has solids removed above 75 microns is picked up from (Sump 2) by a second SB8x6-14 feeding Pump and pumped through a bank of de-silting hydro-cyclones on ZQJ100x18 Desilter(4” Cones). to remove the solids passed by the de-sanding hydro-cyclones. This phase removes solids down to the 25 micron size. Again the overflow from the de-silting hydrocyclones drops into the third tank section (Sump 3),while the under flow is discharged from the trough of the ZQJ100x18 Desilter(4” Cones).
The now “cleaned” fluid is in the third tank section (Sump 3).
If want to separate fine particle <25microns, the next phase can use centrifuge.

gn240 slurry separation plant to poland

Bace Tank Sumps of Slurry Separation Plant

The base tank sumps are separated by weirs for safe, gravity-flow operation. When the system is operating at 100 percent capacity, slurry passes through the processing equipment and then to the base tank sumps. When the level in Sump 3 rises to the outlet level, cleaned fluid is gravity fed to the working tank. If the waste water pump is delivering less than 100 percent of design flow, some slurry in Sump 3 flows over the weir into Sump 2 instead of flowing out to the tank. In addition, part of the slurry in Sump 2 returns to Sump 1 to maintain sufficient slurry supply to the pumps feeding the hydrocyclones.

tbm  slurry separation tank to poland

GN Solids Control only focus on solid liquid separation equipments and systems, GN supply Slurry Separation Plant. The muti-stage re-circulating plant usually includ screening machines like shale shaker, hydrocyclones like desander and desilter, and decanter centrifuge is also needed some times.

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