Video:GN high speed vertical cuttings dryer for water based drilling cuttings treatment

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GN Solids Control is the first company in China who developed the fourth Generation high speed vertical cuttings dryer.

Normal vertical cuttings dryer works at speed around 900RPM with G force of 420G. Since the water based drilling cuttings is more critical to be treated by vertical cuttings dryers. So GN developed the VFD driven high speed cuttings dryer with speed up to 1200RPM and G force up to 750G. In addition, with GN high pressure air knife system . GN vertical cuttings dryer can apply to more critical situations than our competitors dryers.

Following is the Video for the high speed vertical cuttings dryer performance for the waster based drilling cuttings treatment.

The jobsite photo for GN high speed cuttings dryer