GN Solids Control Drilling Mud Dewatering System Working Video

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The following system made by GN is a combination of Solids Control Equipment and the Flocculant Mixing unit with Dewatering centrifuge.

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Main Equipment As below:

One Double Deck Shale Shaker:GNZS706E-HB

One Desander Cleaner GNZJ703-3S with drying bottom shaker.

One Flocculant Dosing Unit with One Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge in a 40 Foot Container.

This drilling mud dewatering system allows client to treat drilling mud to clean water for discharge or reuse.

Dosing System

The video of GN Drilling Mud Dewatering System

Depends on different case, GN will select different packages for client to get the most cost effective solutions in the liquid and solids separation projects.

GN Solids Control provide all solids & liquid separation equipment, includes following:
Phase 1: Shale Shaker for Solids Over 100 Microns
Phase 2: Desander for Solids 50-100 Microns
Phase 3: Desilter for Solids 20-50 Microns
Phase 4: Mechanical centrifuge: 2-10 Microns
Phase 5: Chemically Enhanced Centrifuge: 0-2 Microns

Moreover, If you want to get dry solids ,the GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer is used to do the job.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for oil based drilling mud Video:

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for water based drilling mud Video: