GN Cuttings Drying system Working in Russia at Minus 40 C Degree

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As we know, GN Solids Control shipped 4 sets of cuttings drying system to Russia in 2014.It was put in operation in the winter with temperature at 40 C degree. The client is very satisfied with the performance of GN cuttings dryerand decanter centrifuge working in such a low temperature.

Following is the drilling cuttings drying system in GN Solids Control factory before shipment.


Following is the GN cuttings drying system before insulation coverage.


Following is the GN cuttings dryer inside thermal cover.


You can watch the complete process of GN cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge working in the videos.

As one of the first company who developed the most advanced cuttings dryer, GN cuttings dryer advantage include high G force, working in both OBM cuttings and WBM cuttings. You can watch the working videos of the GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer working for WBM cuttings as below:

Main Equipment of the Cuttings Drying System

  1. One Set GNCD930 Vertical Cuttings Dryer
  2. One Set of GNLW363BG-VFD Decanter Centrifuge
  3. 3 Screw Pumps, one for flushing the dryer, one for feeding centrifuge, one for transfer of drilling fluids for the discharged fluids from the centrifuge.
  4. One 11.5m 3 runner oilfield skid for mounting all the equipment.
  5. Two telescopic skid, one for mounting cuttings dryer, one for mounting the centrifuge.