June 05 2021

GN Solids Control is a world leading solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer, with thousands of successful GN systems running globally, GN Solids Control recently finished another set of workover drilling rig mud system for a China Drilling Company. It mainly includes the GN Shale Shaker, GN Desander, GN Jet Mud Mixer, GN Mud Agitator and GN Mud Tank. 

2021.05.31 Solids Control Tank


1.GN shale shaker

GN shaker has been widely used in drilling mud first phase treating. It is mainly used to remove solids larger than 100 microns. 
GN made shaker is equipped with US Martin or Italy OLI brand vibrators, shaker screens are also build by GN. GN composite frame screens are tested to last longer than traditional metal frames ones. And GN is the only screen manufacturer from China that is certified and witnessed by USA third party. 
2.GN Desander
GN desander here is one no bottom deck shaker. 2 big 10 inch cylones are fixed on a compact frame, a centrifugal pump is used to pump the drilling mud into those 2 cyclones to remove solids larger than 50 microns. 
Besides the 10 inch cyclones, GN Solids Control also provides 4 inch desilter cyclones to remove finer particles above 25 microns. 
Drilling mud after treated by GN shale shaker and GN desander is geting clean, which can be reused after adjust the weight. 

2021.05.31 Mud Tank
3.GN Jet Mud Mixer
GN Jet Mud Mixer is used to mix the drilling bentonite and provide the right weight of drilling mud to keep the drill tool at a balance position. A venturi hopper is connected with centrifugal pump, to pump the bentonite into the clean drilling mud tank. 

2021.05.31 Drilling Mud System
4.GN Mud Agitator
GN mud agitator is mainly used to agitating the drilling mud from sediment, usually every 3 meters is fixed with one mud agitator. 
All the above equipment are fixed on the mud tank, to keep the mud accumulating from accumulating in the mud tank corner, GN Solids Control also provides mud gun in each corner.