February 04 2020

GN mud cleaning system is widely used to separate the waste solid in all kinds of drilling mud to make the drilling mud reusable or recover the liquid. GN has a client from North America, whose business is using the vacuum truck to collect all kinds of used mud with waste solid from drilling or construction site.

Pictures in this article are showing the main equipment in the mud cleaning system that is designed after site visiting client's facility. This system fully considered the site area and the convenience of slurry feeding and treatment procedures.  

GN mud cleaning system is using different equipment to remove the waste solid from the mud step by step. For easy receiving the slurry, this system is with a big enough collecting hopper that allows the vacuum truck to unloading the slurry directly into the system. Under the hopper, there are 2 shakers to collect slurry from hopper and remove the coarse solids, liquid with fine solids will go through the screen and fall into the under located mud tank.

Fine solids will be removed by a secondary shaker unit with fine mesh shaker screens. For the solids with size less than 100 microns, better to use the hydro cyclone unit to separate. For HSE consideration, the shaker deck and cyclone part are covered by using enclosure, which will protect the working parts and prevent the slurry spraying out to contaminate the equipment, also for personnel safety. 

For ultrafine solids in the mud, client will use the dewatering centrifuge system with chemical dosing system to separate. 

The purpose of the mud cleaning system is to separate the waste solid in the mud as much as possible. In regards to the mud coming from hydraulic excavation project, the mud cleaning system can recover the water for reusing. And the separated gravel and sand could be sold for making construction materials.

For more information on GN mud cleaning system, please feel free to contact with us.