November 09 2019

Recently, GN finished the manufacturing of one set oil sludge treatment plant for an oilfield environmental solution company. Since the issuing, GN oil sludge treatment system received widely attention and the feedback on site performance was excellent. More and more contractors are accepting this system to be efficiency and cost saving solution for oil sludge hazardous content reducing solution.  

The oil sludge treatment plant has chemical action and physical separation procedures, and is consisting of several modules with different functions to step by step recover the water and oil in the oil sludge. Below is the brief introduction of the plant. 

1. Sludge vacuum pump – oil sludge coming from oilfield OBM waste is high viscosity and with large content of cuttings, which requires a powerful transferring device to take the sludge from pit and send to the treating plant. GN sludge vacuum pump is 100% air driven for oilfield explosion proof area. 25 inch HG vacuum degree makes it available to suck the sticky sludge and transfer to the working plant that is always far away from the pit.

2. Pre-mixing module – the oil sludge fed to the separation module better with solid content less than 20 percentages for easy pumping. The mixing tank will collect the oil sludge transferred by the vacuum pump; here demulsifier will also be added into the mixing tank to make the oil free for easy separation. 

2 Phase Separation Decanter

3. Separation module – GN is using different separation equipment to separate oil and water from sludge step by step. This design guarantees the continuously processing and equipment in each step will not be overloaded. Shaker is for 2-phase separation of coarse solids and liquid. Decanter can remove large percentage of the fine solids in the effluent discharged from the shaker, so that the 3-phase disc separator will not be over load in separating the oil, water and ultrafine solids. GN put a slant plate clarifier between decanter and disc separator to maximally ensure the disc separator working without blocking.

3 Phase Disc Separator

This oil sludge plant is definitely high configuration including almost all the relative equipment for full functions. However, all equipment is installed on only 3 skids for compact structure and easy transportation. GN is welcoming all question and inquiries on this system and willing to arrange the site visiting to see the actual running of it. Call GN now to get the information sharing.