March 28 2014

At the beginning of this year, we start a compact mud system manufacturing for offshore drilling. The end user is famous Hong Kong drilling company. After the customer compared many solids control company during China, they choose GN Solids to be their supplier. 

Why choose GN Solids ?

GN Solids is the most reliable manufacturer from China providing leading patent equipment. The equipment include solids control equipment, drilling waste managementequipment and shale shaker screen.

GN Solids can offer you customized design of solids control system as per customer requirement, especially for the layout of mud sytem with shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge etc.

GN Solids have got many certificates, API certificate, ISO9001 Certificate, HSE certificate.

GN Solids can  offer fast response on jobsite equipment commissioning.

Based on this, but not limited to this, many drilling company, oil service company, rig company choose GN Solids.

offshore drilling mud system

The general configuration of the compact mud system

  • Shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB ; 2 SETS
  • Mud Cleaner, GNZS594E-3S16N ; 1 SET
  • Vacuum Degasser, GNZCQ360A ; 1 SET
  • Poor Boy Degasser, GNZYQ1000A ; 1 SET
  • Screw Conveyor, GNSC12A-24 ; 2  SETS
  • Mud Recycling Tank, Mud Storage Tank, 1 SET

offshore drilling solids control equipment

As the leading China Solids Control Equipment manufacturer, GN Solids have awarded good reputation internationally and domestically. We will develop our equipment and try to meet more and higher request from customer.