December 23 2019

Recently, GN added the new page on official website to show some classical case studies in using GN products for different industries. At this time, GN solids control equipment is mainly used in oilfield for drilling mud recycling and waste management or No dig drilling for drilling mud cleaning.  

Visitors coming to GN official website can find the module of “Reference” on top of the page, and then choose the "Cases" for detailed information of the 5 classical cases. Here in this article will give a brief introduction on these projects.

1. GN mud system for Australia client will applied in Remote jobsite

In the first week of December, GN shipped out this mud system via large size professional transport aircraft. In designing of this system, GN fully considered the weight and structure of each module to make the system can be helicoptered to drilling site. 

2. Mud system for Hong Kong airport fuel pipeline No-dig layout 

This pipeline laying project is the longest trenchless drilling project in the world. The success of this project greatly reduced difficulty to supply to Hong Kong airport without fuel vessel mooring at port near beach. GN Solids Control contributes a little in China’s infrastructure construction.

3. HDD mud system for China-Russia gas pipeline layout

This month, the headman of both Russia and China via video conference started the supply of gas from Russia to China which is contracted with $400 billion for 30 years. This project can solve the problem of gas supply in east part of China. GN Solids Control contributes a little in international cooperation. 

4. GN decanter centrifuge for ADNOC solids control and waste management project

In the year of 2016, GN decanter centrifuge, control panels, skid and drilling site tools were packed in total 70 containers delivered to Abu Dhabi for Baker Hughes’s solids control and waste management project there.

5. GN decanter centrifuge for Algeria solids control project 

In the beginning of 2015, GN shipped one batch of decanter centrifuge with number of 32 units in one order to Algeria for client’s project in providing the mud recycling service for 16 rigs. After that, GN started the strategic partnership with client in Algeria territory. 

To know more GN cases, visitors can pay attention on GN News that is updated every week. For more information GN products, please feel free to contact us.