February 15 2014

Bored pile is generally used for those massive industrial complexes or tall buildings, which require foundations that can bear the load of thousands of tons, most probably in unstable or difficult soil conditions. Bored pile drilling is different from other pile works. It requires specialist bored pile drilling contractor, bored pile drilling rig and mud desanding plant for bored pile drilling rig.

What Is a Bored Pile

As another type of reinforced concrete pile, bored pile is used to support high building producing heavy vertical loads. Bored pile is a cast in place concrete pile where the bored piles have to be cast on the construction site, while other concrete piles like spum pile and Reinforced Concrete Square Pile are precast concrete piles. Bored piling is cast by using bored piling machine which has specially designed drilling tools, bored pile drilling rig and desanding plant for bored pile drilling rig, it’s used to remove the soil and rock.


Bored Pile Drilling Rig and Desanding Plant for Bored Pile Drilling Rig

The bored pile drilling rig is required for professional works. Professional rig manufacturer like Vermeer, Amercan Augers etc are widely used all over the word. There are also many professional manufacturers from China.

Drilling mud is required during bored pile drilling operation, with same function as oil drilling. To use the bentonite in a high efficiency, decrease the consume of drilling mud material and lower cost of disposal of drilling mud, desanding plant is necessary. GN Solids Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer for desanding plant. GN Solids offer different model like GND-50, GND-120 and GND-240.

Recently, GN Solids was awarded purchase order from Singapore Pile Drilling Contractor on GND-240 desanding plant. The specifications and working procedure as below:

  • Handing capacity:  120 m³/h
  • Main Equipment:  1 set Mud Cleaner ( GNZJ752D-1S) with 1 set double deck shaker (GNZS752D) and 1 set desander cone ( 10’’);
  • Overall Dimension:  2.1×1.5×2.7m
  • Total Weight:     2700KG

Working procedure of Desanding Plant for Bored Pile Drilling Rig

  • Step 1: A pit slurry pump suck drilling mud from the foundation slurry pit and feed to Mud Cleaner Bottom Shaker screen.
  • Step 2: The first phase cleaning is processed by the bottom shaker deck of Shaker, and the cleaning drilling mud drops down to the mud tank. The solids up to 50microns will be separated out.
  • Step 3: A Slurry pump suck Bentonite fluids from the mud tank, feed to the10 inch desander cone, and solids drops down to the upper deck shaker screen for drying. The clean drilling mud goes to the second compartment of the mud tank. The solids up to 50 microns will be separated out.
  • Step 4: The outlet of the second compartment of the mud tank is clean drilling mud; it go to clean fluids pit for reuse for your foundation pile project

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd, as a Global leading manufacturer for solid control and drilling waste management equipment, they extend the application area of their drilling mud treating equipment from oil gas drilling field to HDD & CBM drilling, water well drilling, pile drilling etc; and get a great success. GN Solids awarded good reputation from customer in different industries and areas.