April 03 2022

Tank sludge move and clean is one of the toughest job after long time oil storage. GN Solids Control has many years’ successful experiences in tank cleaning. 
GN Solids Control last week finished manufacturing of one mini solids vacuum pump and one mini decanter centrifuge for an overseas client, these two equipment will be delivered in the following week. 

2022.04.01 Mini Solids Pump

1.GN Mini Solids Vacuum Pump
Vacuum pump is effectively designed to move high solids content, large density materials like the oil sludge on the tank bottom, drilling cuttings, refinery plant waste etc. GN mini solids vacuum pump will be used to suck the tank bottom sludge, all the components like valves, control box are air driven, so it is safe to use in non explosion proof environment. 
This small mini solids vacuum pump has the flow rate of 5 m3/h, designed in a compact lifting structure, it can be either lifted by the pad eyes or two big wheels. GN vacuum pump is equipped with several different types suctions ports like the hand operated pipe, wheel type port. 
Vacuum pump can be controlled under manual control and automatic control two modes. Running time includes the suck and discharge time can be changed easily by the two timers on the control box. 
2.GN Mini Decanter Centrifuge
GN Solids Control manufactures different rotating bowl sizes of decanter centrifuges, and GN 9 inch mini centrifuge is also called baby centrifuge, largely used in small flow rate separating such as the diamond core drilling mud, mine tailing slurry etc. 

2022.04.01 Mini Decanter Centrifuge
As for this GN 9 inch centrifuge, it will be used to clarify the tank sludge after sucked from the vacuum pump. This 9 inch bowl centrifuge can rotating at the speed of the 3800 rpm, fine particles around 2 microns are easily removed. 
Sometime, depend on the solids distribution, GN Solid Control also provides chemical dosing unit to provide flocculant when feeding slurry into decanter at the same time.