December 06 2019

This week, GN shipped out one set drilling mud system for an Australia drilling company. It is worthy to mention that the whole package of the mud system will be helicoptered to drilling site where no road can arrive. Lot of huge size mud tank and heavy machinery will be hoisting shipped there, really a rough job.

This system is consisting of complete drilling mud recycling module and mud mixing module. It counts 6 mud tanks total to ensure the sufficient mud storage capacity. 

In mud recycling module, the two unit shale shakers and one mud cleaner take the main job for coarse cuttings, sand and silt separation. After a 3-stage treatment, large percent of the useless solids will be removed out, so the drilling mud can be reused. Total 18 unit mud agitators are installed on the 6 tanks per the function and tank volume. Sand pumps take the job to transfer the mud in the system from one equipment to subsequent one, like functions as the cyclone feeding pump, mud mixing pump and super charge pumps. In order to make sure the mud mixing function available at any time, this system adopts double jet mud mixer design with 2 mixing pumps with parallel connection. If either one of the mixing pumps broken down, the other one can still work. This system also equipped with liquid mud separator to help reduce the risk of blowout and separator the flamable gas invaded in the drilling mud.

Australia is one the countries with the most strict standard in fabrication and assembling. In designing and manufacturing this system, GN Solids Control faced two main challenges, one is the electrical cable connecting job, in this job, all the procedures need to be done as per Australia standard. GN made it successfully as GN has accumulated lot of experience in fabricating with Australia standard. The other challenge is to make each module need to be helicoptered within the allowed weight, which requests GN engineers to calculate the weight very carefully. Any mistake will lead to the overweight.  

Client's trust and GN's hardworking ensures the successfully delivery of this project. Thanks for client's business and the efforts of whole GN team. We expect the well performance of this mud system onsite.