June 24 2022

Oil sludge with high solids content and large viscosity is always one of the most difficult treating material. With these years thousands of successful projects, GN Solids Control this week just finished manufacturing of one 15 m3/h oil sludge treating unit for a Beijing oil & gas service company. As a turnkey solids and liquid separation provider, GN Solids Control provides hundreds of oil sludge or drilling waste management systems for global clients. 

2022.06.21 Oil Sludge Treatment System

As for this 15 m3/h oil sludge treating unit, it is composed by the following main treating equipment: 
1.Coarse Shaker
4 panels coarse shaker GNZS594F fixed with flushing nozzles and anti-spraying covers, it is used to remove big particles from the oil sludge. Sometimes, GN Solids Control also uses double deck shaker to remove solids twice. 
Shale shaker is the first separation unit, it is driven by the two vibrating motors in linear motion. Max. G force is 7.5G which is adjustable by changing the eccentric blocks in the vibrators. Different API nos shake screens are also manufactured by GN Solids which are certified by API RP 13C. 

2022.06.21 Oil Sludge Treatment Plant
2.Big Bowl 2 Phase Decanter Centrifuge 
Decanter centrifuge is the key treating equipment when speaks of remove fine particles around 2~5 microns. Here GN Solids Control uses one 22 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW-554ET with longer length. Compared to GNLW553, the treating flowrate is around 1.25 times larger, meanwhile the separating performance is much better with drier solids and more clear liquid. 

2022.06.21 Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment
3.Big Bowl 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge 
After treated by 2 phase decanter centrifuge, GN 3 phase decanter centrifuge will further clarify the slurry into solids, water and oil. Here GN Solids control provides a GNSX-554ET big bowl centrifuge as well. 
To get a better treating performance, of course some auxiliary treating equipment are needed such as pre-mixing and heating tank, feeding pump like GN vacuum transfer pump, chemical dosing unit of adding polymer and demulsifier.