March 18 2023

GN Solids Control is a world famous solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer with 3 plants close to Beijing, China. As the sister company of GN Solids Control, GN Separation Equipment is mainly focusing on mining industry, environmental protection industry and municipal waste industry.

2023.03.16 Stack Vibrating Screen 1

It is widely seen mining companies are using vibrating screens to remove coarse solids and fine particles, GN Separation made Stack Vibrating Screen includes multiple layers of decks and separate driven vibrators to increase the large treating flow rate while only takes a small working space.
Last week, GN Separation finished two sets of stacking vibrating screeners, one with five vibrating decks and one with 2 vibrating screens. Both of these two stacking vibrating screens will be used for fine size separation of Iron ore.
Usually a customized material feeder is build according to the site in order to distribute slurry into GN different layers of stacking vibrating screens evenly. Solids larger than the PU screen mesh is hold on the top and transfer to a solids discharge chute, while the underneath size of the slurry fall through the PU mesh and falls into a collection box which connected with all shaker decks and eventually distribute the liquid.
GN Stack Vibrating Screen has a large variety of usage. To keep the vibrating decks from wear, GN Separation uses Polyurea spraying on the deck tough area. All the vibrating screens are fixed with flexible PU mesh, which is tensioned by the special designed fixing methods on both sides.

2023.03.16 Stack Vibrating Screen
GN engineers also add individual spraying nozzles above every deck, to keep a certain amount of the liquid inside for better wet screening.
Besides the multiple decks GN Stacking Vibrating Screens, GN also provides high frequency flat classification screen and dewatering screen. Any solids especially mining slurry processing, welcome to connect with GN for a cost-effective solution at free quotation.