November 12 2010

Congratulations! GN has just got API Q1 certificate. API certificate is a rather reliable file in Oil and Gas drilling industry. Including drilling mud solids control division.

However, as we all know API does not regulate each mud equipments standard, design, technique, etc. But it restricts specific rules on manufacturing, procurement,  managing, quality control, etc.

GN API Certificate

Why GN can get approval from API? Why there are always so many clients choose GN Solids Control?


Infact, GN always manage whole process according to API standard. Cater to more and more clients' demand, we decided to apply the API. The clients are usually from big oil&gas drilling company, oilfield services corporation, etc. We began the preparation in this March. After API teachers' guaidance and our efforts, we submitted all necessary documentary and related information. GN achieved all the level and standard from API.

It's so pleased we've got the certificate. After getting API there will be more and more potential valuable customers come to GN. We know the certificate just is assistant issue on our future development. We must always do everything according to API regulations and keep moving to make GN better and better. Then we'll win more and more clients in oil and gas industry. Such as well drilling company, drilling fluids company, drilling rig corporation, also well drilling services company.

There are so many clients just waiting for GN API certificate to place order on drilling mud equipments and sytem. We know API enhanced GN quality and reliability. GN will do more than API required. Come to GN no matter you are in oilfield industry or anywhere, you must get satified proposal. Not only as API can give you international and reliable conformity in same industry, but we also can provide special solution to you exactly.