December 14 2019

In some remote oilfield like Papua New Guinea, customers need high quality and specially design solids control system for shipping by helicopiter. GN Solids Control is one of the few companies who have experiece for such system design and manufacture.

This is project not only need special design with high quality, but client need delivery in a short time. Finally with all the effort we can make together with customer, the solids control system is delivered in time. To ensure the project start on time, our client decided to ship it with airplane. So for the first time, we deliver the whole mud system with a big airplane.

Even we know all oil drilling site is not easy place, normally just somewhere nowhere, Papua New Guinea is a different place. Infrastructure is not ready for oil field equipment transportation, the road is rough. So for many of the pojects, all the parts transported by Helicopter, and at the same time, be prepared for the ROAD.

GN have been supplying heli lifted equipment to the market many years ago, for diamond drilling, and oil gas drilling 2 years ago, cooperating with an Australian company, improved on many engineering details, so now the whole team is more familiar with requirement and the standards. For this new project, GN also had some further discussion with client, to finalize the design, to make sure to deliver high quality system for clients.

The system includes poor boy degasser, 2 shale shaker, 1 mud cleaner, trip tank, mixing tank, and all related pumps. To minimize the lifting, the equipment have been placed into frames, which also been designed for Heli lifting.
The poorboy degasser is standard unit, but come with a skid, and vent line is up to the air.
2 sets of GN most popular shale shakers GNZS703F, equipping API RP 13c compliant shaker screens to have higher separation efficiency, and longer screen life time.
1 complet set of mud cleaner GNZJ703F-S2S12NF, with 2ea 10in desander cones and 12ea 4in desilter cones, feeding pump is 55kw GNSB series centrifugal pump.
In this system, all the pumps, GNSB series centrifugal pumps, is fully exchangable with international brand. So it will be very easy for spare parts and operations.

To ensure all the electric comply with local standards, again GN choose to cooperating with local consultants.
Thanks to all the help from client, end user, and the hard work from everyone in GN shop, another high quality system is delivered, and this time, they take airplane.