November 15 2010

3 sets of GLW355X1250N High Speed Decanter Centrifuge to Brazil are ready to delivery in our factory yard . GN Solids Control is a high reputation manufacture for oil drilling & underground drilling mud cleaning equipments in China . Decanter centrifuge as the important equipments for recovering of barite, removing of fine solids, reducing the content of solids in drilling fluids and controlling the density and viscosity , is one of the competitive equipments in GN Solids Control company .
gn 355 1250 high speed centrifuge
This Brazil buyer ordered 3 set of high speed centrifuge and 3 set of feeding pump for the centrifuges .Please read the bellowing pictures for the centrifuge and feeding pump.


GN high speed centrifuge feeding pump for centrifuge

GN High Speed Decanter Centrifuge of GLW355X1250N is the forth phase solids control equipments in well drilling mud system . This high speed centrifuge is to separate drilling particals 2-5 micron with retary speed 3200 RPM and max capacity 40m3/h . GN Solids Control always design and manufacture high quality equipments with reasonable price to customers as per their special request.