February 07 2021

In response to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, on February 4, 2020, the eve of the Northern Lunar New Year, GN Solids Control held the annual meeting of ‘2020 Cloud Live Broadcasting’. GN employees participated it online with mobile phones, computers or TVs. Different from previous annual meetings, this year's annual meeting is organized and completed by only GN employees, such as young and beautiful hosts, colorful dances, high-tech cloud live broadcast and lottery voting system.

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The theme of this year's annual meeting is ‘Forge Ahead and Set Sail Again’. As the opening host said: ‘set sail to see GN, to see the lovely GN colleagues, forge ahead, calm and self-confident, to see the moment of GN solid control, winter to spring, set sail again.’ Set sail to see GN, see the hard working GN family, keep trudging, unremitting struggle, see the moment of GN, hold up head high and advance by long strides with harvest joy.’

This annual meeting includes the following parts: speech by the President, awards and recognition, art programs, lucky draw, Program selection and voting.

1. President Speech

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Tom Zhou, President and Founder of GN, delivered a speech at the 2020 annual meeting, praising the company for overcoming difficulties and stabilizing operation, planning the future development direction of the company, and explaining the company's core values. The main contents of the speech are as follows:

1.1 2020 has been a difficult year, with the epidemic spreading all over the world and the oil price plummeting. Many companies in the oil industry are in trouble. The domestic epidemic in the first half year made it difficult for GN to resume production. GN colleagues from all departments made great efforts to overcome the difficulties, put into the production as soon as possible once get approval, and successfully completed and deliver some major systems globally. In the second half year, foreign epidemic broke out and GN's export business was blocked. The international department actively expanded their business through remote online communication. And domestic sales colleagues, not afraid of the epidemic, actively visited customers, and made positive contributions to the GN's stable business.
1.2 As an export-oriented company, this year's epidemic has sounded an alarm for us. Walking on one leg can not provide sound support for the steady development. In response to China dual cycle development strategy, GN will invest in business expansion in the domestic market to walk by two legs. In addition, in the business sector, we need to continue to promote the dual brand strategy. Consolidate the expansion of GN Solids Control in Oil & Gas and Trenchless industries, especially the expansion of key customer business. At the same time, actively invest resources to develop GN Separation and Conveying, focusing on promoting the application of separation and transportation equipment in environmental protection industry, chemical industry and mining industry.
1.3 The core value of GN is ‘Integrity, Unity, Action and Innovation’. Honest management, honest is the long-term development way. We should have the character of honesty as a person, and to run an enterprise, we should have the enterprise morality of honesty. Today's market economy is no longer an era of fighting alone. To survive and grow in the fierce market competition, unity and cooperation are very important. Unity and cooperation should be carried out within departments and between departments. In GN, those employees who practice the company's core values will get better development.

2. Awards and Recognition

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This year's annual meeting set up a number of Awards:’Pioneering Team Award’, ‘Anti-Epidemic Star’, ‘Advanced Staff’ first, second and third prizes, ‘Dedication and Due diligence Award’, ‘Outstanding Performance Award’, ‘Sales Elite Award’, ‘Ten Years with GN Award’. Among them, the‘Ten Years with GN Award’ is the first award given by GN, with each person receiving a cash award of 10,000 RMB and a 10-year commemorative card. A person's life can have several ten years, which can be counted by fingers. It's a heavy feeling to work hard for GN for 10 years. The awarding leaders and the employees who won it were filled with emotions.

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3. Art Program

All the art shows are performed by GN staffs, including song and dance performances, musical instrument performances, martial arts performances, etc. What's more, many of the lyrics are made by themselves, which show the colorful work and life of GN employees.

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4. Lucky Draw

As in previous years, this year's annual meeting also set up a lucky draw, prizes include: Huawei Mate Series Cellphones, Balance Cars, Smart Lights, Induction Cooker, etc. The winning rate is more than 60%, which is a surprise.

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5. Program Selection

All the employees of the company who participated in the programs were rewarded with red envelopes. Through the voting software, the program performed by employees will be selected. The top three also won awards for excellent programs.

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