October 25 2010

The mud gas separator was exported to Moazmbique. However, it was bought via one Poland company.
The Mozambique company is end user and they are oil&drilling company. While the Poland company is big corporation on oil&gas exploration industry. They appreciated our elevating designe. Moreover, they know we are API cerified manufacturer and we'll get certificate in early November.

Elevating mud gas separator to Mozambique

The specification is as following:


Model: ZYQ1200, treating capacity: 260~380m3/h or 1143~1672GPM, the drilling mud input is 5", outlet is 10", the vent line is 8". According to client's requirement we provided them 50m (164') vent line. Then the total dimension is 2200x2000x6900mm. It can be elevated. The height can be adjusted according to actual working situation.

The feature on elivating ZYQ1200

It holding big treating capacity. The padestal can be adjusted as per drilling conditions. As we know the poor boy degasser working principle. The mud leg height and mud tank height also the rig platform has relationship among each other.

Thanks to the adjustable height, it will be more convenient and easy operation for various oil and gas well drilling. Also, adjustable height gives convenient transportation. After adjusted, the poor boy degasser will be only 5m more or less.

Elevating mud gas separator

Elevating poor boy degasser

Ye, mud gas separator is called poor boy degasser also. GN can provide clients elevating poor boy degasser depends on client's requirement and different drilling conditions. For poor boy degasser we can configure ZYQ600, ZYQ800, ZYQ900, ZYQ1000, ZYQ1200 elvevating type. The mud gas separator diameter can be customized by GN Solids Control also.

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