April 14 2010

Recently we delivered a set of Twin drilling mud shale shaker and some spare parts for our Morocco client.

Twin Shale Shaker is double shaker one skid unit. It is also called dual shale shaker.  
twin mud shaker gn

Following is a brief introduction of the twin-shale shaker.
ZS83×108-2 Shale Shaker

Shaker Unit Including Buffer Box and Two Shale Shaker On One Skid Model ZS83×108-2,
Vibration Mode:Linear,
Motor Power: 2×1.3Kw,
Vibration Strenth: 6.0G,
Amplitude: 2.5~3.5mm,
Frequency&Voltage: 380V/50HZ,
Deck Angle Adjustment: 0~3Deg.,
Screen Area: 1.8㎡,
Shaker Screen 2×830×108mm,
Capacity 50~80m3/h
The spare parts include Backup electric engine and some shaker screens for the shale shaker.
Morocco has a substantial infrastructure to support an active oil and gas exploration and production industry. Major seaports, roadways, airports, pipelines and refineries are near large cities endowed with the usual European and North American style amenities.

twin shale shaker china manufacturer
Based on the large potential of oil and gas exploration in Morocco, we believe GN Solids Control will have more cooperation with Morocco and other Africa market.
If you need further more information about  twin drilling mud shale shaker or other solids control equipments. Please feel free to consult us.

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