January 13 2020

This week, GN finished the order for one batch of shale shaker for Russia client. All the shakers are assembled and tested, later will be shipped out. 

The shale shaker unit is always used as the first stage separation equipment in the solids control system. GN shaker is applied in both domestic and international drilling site, and the feedback is positive. Below features makes the performance of GN shale shaker widely praised. 

1. GN shale shaker is with simple structure. Each part of the shaker can be recognized and assembled easily that makes the shaker can be operated easily. 
2. To ensure the treating capacity, GN shaker deck is fully processed by heating treatment to withstand the adjustable high vibration force. As per operators’ different requirements, the shaker deck angle can be adjusted during running of the machine. By adjusting the deck to minus degree, the flow rate can be increased; while by adjusting the deck to positive degree, the fluids pool on screen can be increased, so that the solids discharged would be drier. The shaker deck is also equipped with locking device for safety purpose in transportation.
3. GN shaker is normally using the international brand vibrators from Oli. According to clients’ requests, GN can also equip other brand vibrators on the shaker. 
4. GN shaker is installed with GN self-made composite frame shaker screen for better separation performance. Composite screen also has longer working life time. 

shale shaker

GN shale shaker is with fluids buffer tank for temporally store the drilling fluids. By choosing different type buffering tank, GN shaker can be used in the oil drilling mud system, trenchless drilling mud system and waste cuttings management system. 
If any request on the shale shaker, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.