January 04 2020

In GN assembling yard, one set drilling cuttings solidification unit are ready for shipment to GN client from Africa. The drilling cuttings solidification unit is an ideal final solution for water based drilling waste disposal. Since the first issuing in the year of 2014, GN solidification unit has been upgraded several times to optimize the design for easy installation, operation and transportation. 

gn cuttings solidification unit


Working Principle of the GN Solidification Unit

GN solidification unit is mainly used in the drilling cutting management system as the last stage treatment equipment. It collects the waste cuttings discharged from mud recycling equipment and mixes with curding agent and drying agent to make the cuttings to be compound that is not dissolved in water so that the poisonous chemicals and heavy metal ion will not permeate in to the ground soil and underground water.

GN solidification unit 2 skids

Optimized Design of GN Solidification Unit

1. GN changed the one skid design and divided the complete unit into two skids, which makes the used can locate the system on site flexibly, and each skid would be easier for transportation. The two skids are connected by using steel bars to keep the distance and stability of the whole system.
2. Curing agent and drying agent are stored into separator tanks for easy operation and accurate adding into the mixing cabinet. On the cabinet, there liquid inlet that can connect the hose for other type chemical injection. 
3. To ensure the smoothly mixing, on the mixing cabinet, there is also water spraying pipe and nozzles inside the vessel to prevent the material too dry to mix. The spraying pipe can also be used for flushing after use. 
4. The mixing cabinet has observation and maintenance opening from where the operator can maintenance the inside of the cabinet. On the covers of the observation port, the limit switch is equipped to avoid the machine running without the covers being closed. 

GN solidification unit could be used to treat the cuttings discharged from primary shale shaker, hydro cyclones and decanter centrifuge. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.