October 27 2010

A few days ago, a dredging slurry separation sysetm was sent to a enviomental company in Jiangsu China. GN Solids Control is always manufacturing envioment friendly products, and help oil and gas drilling works, well drilling works, drege works and so on to separate the solids from the fluids.
The GN Model FL1000 has been designed specifically to accept feed directly from the dredge at a rate of 4400 gpm. GN’s unique self contained solid removal technology separates solids from dredged slurry via a three stage system down to 10 to 30um.

dredging slurry separation system

FL 1000 contains 5 GNZS 83-3 shale shaker, 3 ZQJ 250 desander, 3 ZQJ 100 desilter, and 6 SB 8*6*14 centrifugal pump to pump the slurry to desander and desilter. Also two slurry tanks.


desander for dredging slurry separation desilter for dredging slurry separation

Advatages of GN's FL 1000:
FL 1000 is operating at 4400 gpm continuously.
Produced solids are stackable, can be transported in open dumptrucks, can be readily moved with front end loaders or conveyors and will pass “paint filter”.
The entire system is designed onto a rock-over type trailer for fast and easy transport in the field or on the highways.
The system is totally mechanical; no chemicals are used in this process.

GN Solids Control is very professional at separation work of solids and liquids. Used in drilling works, drege works and so on. If you are interested in this, do not hesitate to contact GN Solids Control.