December 26 2020

Desander Plant and mud dewatering centrifuge for China Engineering Company
GN Solids Control has been working on designing and manufacturing solids and liquid treating systems for many years. GN Solids Control is especially good at providing turnkey treating solutions. Last week, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of another set big mud treating plant. 

 2020.12.24 Mud Mixing Tank

Here are the main treating equipment in this GN treating system:
1.Mud Treating Plant GNMS-1000D
GN mud treating plant is composed of double deck shaker GNZS753, and it’s fixed with 2 big 10 inch cyclones. A 45kw centrifugal pump is located by the side of a compact storage tank to feed slurry into the desander unit.  
2.Mud Treating Plant GNMS-500D
GNMS-500D is smaller than GNMS-1000D consider the treating flow rate, it’s 500 GPM VS 1000 GPM. As GNMS-500D is fixed with only 1 set 10 inch cyclone. And the feeding centrifugal pump is GNSB5x4C (30kw). 

2020.12.24 Mud Decanter Centrifuge
3.Mud Dewatering Centrifuge GNLW554E-VFD
After treated by GN mud treating plant, all large solids are removed which leave the particles less than 50 microns be further treated by GN mud dewatering centrifuge. 
GNLW554-EP is a 22 inch bowl centrifuge, compared to the centrifuge using in oil & gas industry, GNLW554-EP has a longer rotating bowl. Most of the big solids larger than 2 microns are easily removed by GN decanter centrifuge at a high rotating speed. 
4.Mud Mixing and Storage Tank
Mud mixing and storage tank is used to mixing drilling mud with drilling chemicals or bentonite etc. Every mud tank is fixed with mud agitators to keep the drilling mud from falling off to tank bottom, usually 1 mud agitator is needed every 3 meters. 
A venturi mud hopper is connected with 1 centrifugal pump sometimes 2 centrifugal pumps may be used to mix drilling mud. 

2020.12.24 Desander Unit
5.Mud Shearing Tank
All the mud tanks are connected by high and low position pipes, fixed with butterfly valves to control the connection between tanks. Jet mud mixing unit is used to shearing the mud so it can be used in one active tank and provide clean drilling mud.