December 17 2022

GN Solids Control is a leading drilling mud solids control equipment provider in the world with thousands of oil and gas drilling contractors have been using GN equipment for many years. 
This week, GN Solids Control shipped another batch of desander, desilter and degasser for one Chinese drilling company. All equipment were thoroughly tested by hydraulic before shipping. 

2022.12.13 Desilter

1.GN Desander, model GNZJ752J-1S
GN 752 desander is a mini 2 panels shaker fixed with 1 unit 10 inch cyclones. Desander cyclone is mainly used to remove solids larger than 75 microns from the drillling mud. A centrifugal pump or submersible pump sucks the drilling mud to pump into the cyclones so the light slurry go out from the cyclone top outlet and the heave solids discharged from the bottom nuts. 

2022.12.13 Desander
2.GN Desilter, model GNZJ752J-8N
Desilter is 4 inch cycones mounted on the top of a shaker similar with desander while it removes finer particles above 25 microns from the drilling mud. GNZJ752J-8N is a 2 panes shaker fixed with 8 pcs cyclones. 
All shaker screens used on GN desander and GN desiler are made by GN Solids Control, which is the only China screen manufacturer plant who is passed the 3rd USA party test report. Now GN Solids Control builds over 8,000 pcs screens every month, and customers from over 85 countries are using GN screens. 

2022.12.13 Vacuum Degasser
3.GN Degasser, model GNZS270B
GN Degasser is a gas removal unit, as the drilling mud from high pipe lines usually contains bubbles, which will bring air weariness to the cyclones, sometimes cyclones can be broken will continuous drilling mud running inside with bubbles.  
GN Solids Control manufactures 3 different types of air removal units, include the poor boy degasser, vacuum degasser and centrifugal degasser. Poor boy degasser removes the big bubbles from drilling mud high pipe lines directly, while the vacuum degasser and centrifugal dgasser remove small bubbles, only difference is the centrifugal degasser takes less room compared with the vacuum degasser.