August 24 2010

Decanter centrifuge and vertical centrifugal pump is very important centrifual parts of sodlis control system, while the vertical centrifugal pump i.e. submersible slurry pump is used to supply the drilling mud to decanter centrifuge.
After bought a double shale shaker and a mini mud cleaner, they purchase more now. As more and more old clients repurchase our products,  it proves our ability and good quality of our products.

mud decanter centrifugesubmersible  slurry centrifugal pump

Decanter centrifuge are used to extract (dewater) solid materials from liquids when they are mixed together in slurry. LW series is a normal decanting centrifuge mode of our company,GN Solids Control based in China manufacture and supply complete line of high-speed, variable-speed and fully variable-speed decanting centrifuge for handling drilling fluids

Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump,GN Solids Control supply centrifugal pump from our China factory.Get centrifugal pump at Best price,Fast service.

jet mud mixermud cleaner
SLH series Mud jet mixer is a new special equipment in oil drilling field. This drilling fluid Mud jet mixer is a high performance equipment worked together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling.This Mud jet mixer is mainly used to configurate and increase the drilling fluid, change the fluid’s density, viscosity, and dehydration. The effect of SLH series oil drilling Mud jet mixer is more prominent if it matches with Shear Pumps.  At the same time,GN company has several accomplished engineers, we can make Twin-Jet Mud Mixer according to the users’ requirements.

Mud cleaner is a combination of hydrocyclone mounted above a shale shaker. The primary use of the mud cleaner has always been the removal of drilled solids larger than barite.  Its secondary purpose is to remove drilled solids from unweighted drilling fluids.