March 11 2022

GN Solids Control has been providing thousands of solids and liquid separation treating plants to worldwide clients, include USA, Canada, Australia etc. Now we have finished another set of construction mud solids liquid separation equipment for an Australian client. 
With these years’ fast development, GN Solids made construction mud dewatering systems have been helped clients recover hundreds tons of valuable sands, silts or aggregates etc, also save huge water that can be reused for industrial grade. 

2022.03.10 Dewatering Centrifuge

For this Australian client, GN Solids and Liquid Separation equipment is composed by the following treating components:
1.Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen, GNLMZ1236
GN Vibrating Screen is especially designed to remove coarse particles. Construction slurry dumped into a big catch hopper by the hydrovac truck, big stones are kept on the top of the hopper as it is fixed with welded large openings. 
GNLMZ1236 is fixed with 12 pcs small PU screen panels, which last way longer than traditional weaved screens. 

2022.03.10 Dewatering Vibrating Screen

2.Double Deck Shaker, GNZS706 

A double deck shaker GNZS706, fixed with 6 pcs shaker screens is used to remove fine particles after treated by Vibrating Screen. Double deck shaker GNZS706 is a 2 stages separation as the bottom layer separate big particles first, and slurry with relative smaller particles than feed into the top deck. 
3.Mud Cleaner, GNZJ703-2S16N 
GN Mud Cleaner is a 703 shaker fixed with 10 inch cyclones and 4 inch cyclones, slurry are feed by either submersible pumps or centrifugal pumps. 

2022.03.10 Shale Shaker
4.Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW553
Centrifuge is a fine treating unit, solids larger than 2~5 microns can be removed. GN Solids provides a 22 inch bowl centrifuge to recover clean water from the slurry. 
5.Dosing Unit
Centrifuge and dosing unit is container sized module, easy to move among different sites and quick for setup. Dosing unit includes screw pumps feed polymers into decanter centrifuge constantly and help it to remove even finer particles.