September 16 2022

After 3 months’ hard work, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of 5 sets OBM drilling rigs waste management systems for one Nigerian company. And all the factory tests and equipment acceptance have been witnessed and approved by third-party inspection company DNV. GN Solids Control is proud to say that all indicators of these 5 sets OBM drilling rig waste management systems are qualified and passed the acceptance of the third party one time.

2022.09.13 Decanter Centrifuge

Here are the main treating equipment in these 5 sets no dig drilling waste management systems:
1. Five sets of GN Cuttings Dryers and Telescopic Skids 
As the key treating equipment of drilling cuttings treatment, GN cuttings dryer is able to match large drilling rigs like 2000HP (ZJ80). Here GN Solids Control provided GNCD930G, the latest model of cuttings dyer. 

2022.09.13 Vertical Cuttings Dryer
2.Ten sets of GN Decanter Centrifuges and Telescopic Skids
Totally 10 sets GNLW363D decanter centrifuges are provided, includes 5 sets centrifuges for the drilling mud solids control mud treatment, and the other 5 sets are used for the separation fine particles from the drilling fluid after treated by cuttings dryer to achieve the non landing OBM recovery. Classified by the control method, GN Solids Control provides 5 sets VFD centrifuges and 5 sets fix speed one. 

2022.09.13 Screw Conveyor
3.Five sets of Auxiliary Equipment for OBM Cuttings Treating Systems
GN Solids Control also provides auxiliary treating equipment such as 40 sets GNSC screw conveyors, some of them are used to transfer the cuttings and feed into GN cuttings dryers, some of are used to move the solids after treated by GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Decanter Centrifuge. All these screw conveyors are fixed with manual speed regulation function and equipped with anti-explosion control boxes. Besides, GN Solids Control provides 15 screw pumps totally: 5 sets are used to flush the cuttings dryer, and 10 sets are used to feed drilling mud into decanter centrifuge. 
GN Solids Control has been providing hundreds of solids control and drilling waste management systems in Nigeria. This customer is a large oil exploration company with its won oil filed, drilling rig teams and drilling mud service companies. Since 2012, GN Solids Control has been working with them closely and keeping receiving repeat orders every year. These 5 sets of 2000HP large-scale drilling rigs' solid control decanter centrifuges and OBM cuttings dryes is a continuous trust and recognition of GN Solids Control quality and brand. GN Solids Control will keep bring value to customers with high-quality equipment,  competitive prices, professional and timely services.