December 26 2019

Recently, GN finished the order of 3 phase separator for China oilfield Service Company. Being a separation solution provider, GN is committed to providing qualified, considerable and cost competitive separation equipment and turnkey solution to various industries. 

In oilfield, lot of oil content waste need to be treated to recover the oil. The waste may come from oil based drilling cuttings or other type oily sludge. For 3 phase separation of heavy liquid, light liquid and solid, GN has tri-canter and disc stack separator to do this job in oily sludge treatment. According to different requirement, these 2 type machine can be applied individually or put in a line one after the other, normally, the disc stack separator is located for the subsequent of tri-canter for heavy liquid and light liquid separation.

GN tri-canter separator can be designed to be controlled with PLC on HMI touch screen to get different working speed via VFD. In choosing the material, GN adopts the duplex stainless steel to make the bowl and inside screw conveyor. On screw conveyor and solid discharge port, the tungsten carbide tile is used to protect the easy wearing part of the machine to extent the working lifetime and reduce the cost on maintenance. Normally the slurry feeding to tri-canter can be with solids size to 2mm, and the disc stack separator can treat the slurry with solids size to 400 microns. 

GN disc stack separator is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food and beverage industries. It is ideal equipment for heavy and light liquid separation. The disc group is the key part of the machine, and the processing qualify of the disc determines the performance of the separator. In processing the disc, all procedures are formed via uniform mould, and then polishing process on surfaces. The quality reaches to international advanced level.

Sometimes, per clients’ requirement, GN also give the configuration of the combination of decanter centrifuge to remove large content big size solids in slurry, and then the separated liquid would be treated by inclined plate clarifier and oil water separator step by step, this solution is much cost competitive for client with limited budget. For more information on GN 3 phase separation solution, feel free to contact with us.