April 19 2017

2 Sets of Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Management System to South America

Drilling cuttings management equipment are used for further treatment of the drilling cutting discharged from the solids control primary shale shaker. By doing this process, more drilling fluids could be recovered. Environmental protection regulations request the driller to take the drilling cuttings management system into the drilling site. One GN’s old client from South America who ever got over ten units decanter centrifuge ordered the 2 sets oil based drilling cuttings management system. “I need to have this type of equipment to help me expend my business. And the GN’s equipment so far works well, that’s why I order them.” Said by GN client.GN’s drilling cuttings management system was firstly released in the year of 2014, in the whole year of 2015, with the petroleum industry going down, GN’s waste cuttings management system on the contrary brought many orders for GN.

The 2 sets cuttings management system already shipped out last week. All 3 main cuttings management equipment are included in the system.

April 14 2017

A bunch of Soil Remediation Equipment for US Client

During these couple years, GN solids control gradually developed and released some new products that attracted many clients’ attentions. One of the new products is the soil remediation system. As the name meaning, it is a system rather than individual equipment. From the date of releasing, many clients came to GN for learning more about this system. And at the beginning of this year, a client from The States placed order for their project on recovering the oil from oily sludge.

Actually, in petroleum industry, the soil remediation equipment is mainly used to treat the oily sludge coming from the oil drilling field, refineries and oil tank bottom sludge. This is not the first unit of oily sludge management system sent abroad from GN. Last year, a client from Middle East ordered 2 sets of the complete system one time. Both of the 2 systems are running well, positive remarks were sent back to GN. Until this American client came to GN and asked for soil remediation equipment, GN knew these equipments could be used in a much wider field.

April 09 2017

GN Will Show Compact De-sanding Unit at ITTC 2017

ITTC (International Trenchless Technology Conference) is mainly organized by CSTT and ISTT. In China, It is a top event in the field of trenchless. This meeting has already been held in turn in north China, east China and south China for 20 times. This time the meeting will be held in Suzhou again, and it will provide a platform for China trenchless technology and management personnel, equipment and tool manufacturers, project owners, design organizations and engineering contractors to comprehensive understand the development of cutting-edge trenchless technology at home and abroad, as well as the international exchange of trenchless technology.This show has an exhibition area of 6000 m2. All exhibitors are top equipment and instrument manufacturers, material suppliers, contractors from China, Germany, Japan and other countries. More than 60 exhibitors will conduct to show new products, new materials and new technology.

How to Find GN at ITTC 2017

Show Time & Location: April 14-16, 2017 International Expo Center, Suzhou, JiangsuGN Booth No.: B20 (64 Square Meters)

April 04 2017

Happy Work, Happy Life – GN Marketing Team Tour in Thailand

GN marketing team had a wonderful tour last week in Thailand. Everyone in the team enjoyed it. Some ones excited for their first time abroad travel, some ones were happy for feeling different culture and some ones were focusing on the amazing sightseeing.

Every year, GN will set up special fund for award of staff that made outstanding contribution to the company. In the year of 2016, GN marketing team worked hard and gained exciting achievement that the whole team was awarded a one-week tour to Thailand.

From the solemn Grand Palace to charming scenery on the beach, and to the brilliant Pattaya nightlife, in the same time of viewing these sceneries, GN marketing team also felt the different culture and customs. This is really a travel for relax, and an opportunity to see, to feel, to think.

gn UK China offshore oil gas reception 1
March 27 2017

INVITED to UK-China Offshore Oil & Gas Reception

During CIPPE 2017, being invited by Scottish client, GN top management join UK-China Offshore Oil & Gas Reception, the Together Evening of China and Great Brattain, regarding the offshore oil & gas market. Main guest of this meeting including: representative from CNPC, SINOPEC, COSL; Scottish government, Scottish exhibitors, and specially invited oil gas enterprises representatives.

Been focusing on technology development, top quality, GN Solids Control has good reputation all around the world, and leads the solids control business development. Because of that, more and more medium and high customers in Europe accept GN. Right in UK, several solids control system / equipment have been operating.

In England, one of our customized system have been running for construction site waste mud recycling, also been employed in environmental projects.

In Scotland, one of our decanter centrifuge have been delivered to offshore project.

To Promote the Cooperation of oil gas Leading Enterprises in Technology & Investment, as the topic subject, this meeting also a bridge for the companies in both countries.

Introducing all the guests, the main topic, and the cooperation in past years, Ms. Catriona, Commercial Counselor for Energy Department for International Trade, British Embassy Beijing, made the first wonderful speech.

Then Mr. Ian Ross, Senior International Business Executive Scottish Development International, spoke highly of the cooperation between China and U.K., also introduced the policy from UK government, to support the development of Chinese oil gas companies in UK, and  then brought a even brighter future to go.

Tom, the General Manager, and Colin, the Marketing Director from GN Solids Control have joined this meeting, exchange ideas of future cooperation with clients, also have some further discussion on different culture.

Wish the cooperation between China and Great Britain can go further, and as part of it, GN Solids Control have more and more market share in UK even Europe. While as always, all GN Solids Control team, which the clients call us a family, will keep moving on technology revolution, management improvement, for a better Chinese supplier to European Market.