September 19 2017

3 Sets Solids Control Equipment to Russia

The latest news coming from GN production department that 3 sets solids control equipment for Russia client are finished fabrication for delivery. This is a repeated order from this client. The ordered equipment would be installed on the mud tanks that made locally in Russia.

GN solids control is able to provide complete mud system including mud tank. For saving shipping cost, some clients choose to get the mud tank locally to avoid the inconveniency would be met in transportation by bulk ship.

September 15 2017

GN Shaker Screen Got Widely Attention at SPE Offshore Europe

In the just past SPE Offshore Europe from September 5th - 8th, GN’s booth was visited by many people in oil industry. This is the first time for GN to attend this show and it means GN takes a larger step into Europe market. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of drilling fluids recycling equipment including relative wear parts. Among the various wear parts, the shaker screen is one of the most consumable. GN invested to build the fabrication plant especially for shaker screen production, and made the selling of shaker screen one of GN’s main businesses.

September 08 2017

Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge Package for Solids Washing to USA Client

This is the second set soil washing system ordered by the client. The main application of the system is to wash the solids produced in construction industry. More and more clients from non-petroleum industry come to GN to get a separation solution. This module decanter centrifuge package is such a case like that.

August 28 2017

Travel of forging ahead in Unity – GN Tour on BaShang Grassland

In order to relax, recovery from a long time intense working state, in the meanwhile, for new staff integrating into the GN team, all GN staffs had a tour to BaShang Grassland last week.

Believe in yourself, believe in the collectiveThe first day every new staff come in GN, he will know, the first consciousness is team spirit. One person alone would be small, but with a team as back force, single man could create greater value than expectation. Believe in yourself, believe in the collective. When you devote to the collective, you will get more from the collective.

August 18 2017

Bonus Points for Lavish Gift, GN High Quality Shaker Screen Promotion

Bomb! Good news! In order to feedback new and old clients, GN released the activity of bonus points for lavish gift. All clients who order shakers screen from GN Solids Control will get bonus points; every piece of screen equals 1 point. When client plans to order equipment from GN, the accumulated bonus points could be used as part of the cost, up to US Dollars 15,000, of the equipment.

Detailed points reward policy is as below listed:1. The points accumulated are only for purchasing of GN replacement composite screen only. One point is for one piece replacement composite screen purchasing.2. The points accumulated are not available for special promoted replacement composite screen. (Over 10% Discount screen sales is special promoted screen sales)