June 18 2017

GN Oily Sludge Treatment System Successfully Applied in Uganda

The oily sludge treatment system is one of GN new developed separation solution for waste management. It normally could be used in oil recovery and soil remediation. The sludge being treated is mainly coming from oil base drilling cuttings, oil storage tank flushing sludge and oily waste from refinery plant. As most of the oily sludge is a mixture of oil, water and soil, this oily sludge treatment is always a 3 phase separation process. Rather than a 3 phase decanter centrifuge, GN proposed a series modular equipment to do this 3 phase separation job with high efficiency. GN oily sludge treatment system has followed 3 main functions: solids and liquid separation, demulsion process and oil water separation. All the functions are realized within different tank and skid module.

June 10 2017

4-Panel Screen Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker for Russia Client

Shale shaker is the very normal drilling fluids recycling equipment used in oil drilling field. It is always used as the first stage separation equipment to remove the coarse size drilling cuttings. A good performance of the shale shaker will greatly ensure the performance of the following cyclone separation unit and even the decanter centrifuge. The shale shakers showing here are for one of GN’ client from Russia, this client has already placed several orders to GN for various solids control equipment, of course, the shale shaker unit is included. Most of GN’s orders are repeated orders from the existing clients. The stable performance of the shaker let client give more orders to GN.

2017.05.25 Construction mud treatment
June 05 2017

Separation Equipment for Construction Mud Treatment in America

GN Solids Control just completes a mud treatment system package for America clients. This separation system is for construction mud treatment. It consists of 4 main modules which are hopper feeding module, coarse shale shaker module, solids control module, decanter centrifuge module.

The hopper feeding module is to catch the construction mud and feed to the coarse shale shaker for first stage treatment. After that, the fine shale shaker will do the second stage separation, after fine shale shaker, the mud will be pump to the desilter for third stage separation. After desilter, the mud will be pump to the decanter centrifuge for final treatment. Depends on the mud conditions, the chemical dosing system may be used to enhance the mud cleaning to discharge clean water.

May 24 2017

Shale Shakers and Jet Mixers for 2 Rigs to India Drilling Company

Shortly before, GN just finished the fabrication of a batch of shale shakers and several jet mud mixer units for an India drilling company. Now machines in this order are under delivery testing procedure, and later will be shipped out.As a drilling company, this client owns their own drilling rigs and mud recycling systems. Comparing with the rig unit, the shale shaker is always been treat as a wear part that need to be replaced with new ones after several years’ operation. The shale shaker units in this order are just for this purpose, after several times face to face communication between client and GN, and the facility site inspection, finally, the client was convinced by GN’s capability and products advantages, they placed order to GN.

May 17 2017

Mining Sludge Separation System to Vietnam

GN Solids Control is known as one of the separation solution provider. One of the fields where GN’s solution can be applied is mining sludge separation. In some mining area, the operators use high pressure water to flush the ore to get the small size ore quickly, while the problem is the ore need to be separated out from the water. Dewatering equipment is needed to do this job.GN designed 2-step separation system for the client from Vietnam. It has coarse separation and fine separation.


The shaker unit is always used to be the coarse separation equipment. With high vibration force, the shaker unit could remove out the solids in sludge with size large than the mesh size of the screen. The ore is always rigid and grinding, thus, the screen fixed on the shaker unit could be polyurethane material for longer lifetime. This system adopted GN shaker unit with new designed shaker deck with easy access for sludge feeding.