November 25 2017

2 Sets Containerized Cuttings Dryer Systems for Russia Client

This week, GN’s fabrication department was busy finishing the final assembling of 2 sets containerized cuttings dryer systems for Russia client. Containerized design is especially for application in the low temperature area. Operators could work inside the container without bearing for the cold weather. Equipment could also be protected in warm place. So far, GN has ever sent more than 10 units this type system to Russia. In the process of fabrication this kind of containerized cuttings drying system, GN accumulated lot of experience in equipment layout inside and what equipment will be needed to make the system works well.

November 13 2017

See GN at ADIPEC – Booth No. 10250, Hall 10

Today is the first day of ADIPEC this year, some clients visited GN booth No. 10250 at Hall 10. If you cannot find GN in the hall and come across you are now visiting GN web, please write down below information that will bring you to GN booth.

Below information will lead you to GN booth at ADIPEC 2017Show Time:13-16 November, 2017Show Location: Abu Dhabi, UAEBooth No.: Hall 10, 10250

November 09 2017

Big Bowl Dewatering Centrifuges for TBM Mud Treatment to Singapore

Tunnel boring machine is an important machine in the city construction project like subway and pipe laying. In order to bring out the cutting and lubricate the drill bit of the tunneling machine, the operators need to add large quantity water or drilling fluids into the drilling well. For cost saving, the operators also have to think about reusing of the drilling fluids.Mud recycling equipment is mainly used to recycle the drilling fluids and remove the cuttings. Shale shaker, de-sander and de-silter could respectively separate the coarse solids, sand and silt. For fine solids, the decanter centrifuge would be needed.

November 02 2017

GN Mud Cleaning Equipment in The States for Construction Mud Treatment

These days, one of GN’s engineers is busy on commissioning of the mud cleaning equipment sent to the site where a client from The States want to use these equipment to clean the waste mud produced in construction project. So far, all the equipment have been well connected, next, GN’s engineer will help to test running of the equipment and train client’s operator how to use GN machine.This client totally order 2 set mud cleaning system from GN, GN hopes the performance of the machine would satisfy client and brought profit for client as soon as possible. The ordered mud cleaning system is consist of several separation modules and related auxiliary equipment, below is a brief introduction on the system.

October 28 2017

GN Decanter Centrifuge Working in Canada for Oil Sludge Treatment

Couple months ago, one client ordered decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pumps from GN solids control, and now the centrifuge unit are working on their jobsite in Canada for oil sludge treatment. Oil sludge would come from the drilling site oily waste cuttings, oil storage tank bottom sedimentation flushing slurry and refinery plant oily waste. GN has decanter centrifuge designed especially for the oil industry. After few years’ development, the centrifuge unit was approved qualified in solids control fine solids separation, drilling fluids recycling and oil recovery from waste oily sludge.