July 28 2017

500GPM No Dig Mud Recycling System to Egypt

Being a mud recycling system supplier for No-dig industry for almost ten years, GN has abundant experience to provide the suitable solution as per clients’ requirements. During the years of growth, GN developed the standard no dig mud recycling system with full line capacity from 200GPM to 1500GPM, even for customized larger capacity. Transportation is one of important factors when considering the cost of the mud recycling system. As the mud recycling system will be used in different sites, then easy to transport becomes one of the contractor’s concerns. When GN gives the proposal to clients coming from abroad, GN team would like to design the mud recycling system could be easily disassembled for putting each part into the container for ocean shipping. This type mud system would be compact after assembling on site. The Egypt client asked GN if a mud system could be provided without installation of the equipment onsite, the operator only need to do some job on cable wiring and pipe connections, and then they can start to work.


July 14 2017

Mud System for 1000 HP Rig to Romania

Last week, GN completed the delivery of 1 set of mud system for a 1000HP rig to Romania. After pre-sales communication for 2 months and client come to GN facility for site inspection, the order was placed to GN. GN started the business by designing and manufacturing the mud system for oil drilling to recycle the drilling mud. Since the year of GN foundation in 2007, GN accumulated lots of experience in complete mud system fabricating. It was GN’s rich experience and capability convince client to cooperate with GN.

This mud system for 1000HP rig has all the main solids control equipment and tanks for mud storage. The following is a list of items in this system.

July 11 2017

Oil Viscous Liquid Processing Equipment Completion of Installation in Midd......

To recover the oil from oily sludge is a good business nowadays. The contractor collect the waste sludge including oil from the client, and processing in their plant, they could get the separated oil, water and the solids. The contractors earn money by providing waste management service and selling the oil.GN has already designed one complete set of processing system for oil sludge, or we can also call it oil viscous liquid. Till now, there are total 3 of this type oil viscous liquid processing system in Middle East.

2016.04.22 Russia Oil Show 1
June 27 2017

GN Will Attend MIOGE with Splendid Attire

The largest petroleum show MIOGE is just around the corner next week. GN has been the exhibitor for this show for 6 years, and this year, GN will attend it again with splendid attire.

Below information will help you to fast locate GN booth:

For site visiting appointment, please send your email to or to Mr. Andrey Wang for any assistance.

2017.06.17 Dewatering Centrifuge
June 19 2017

Drilling Mud Dewatering Centrifuge for HDD mud to Korea

GN Solids Control just successfully completes the factory acceptance test for the drilling mud dewatering centrifuge. This drilling mud dewatering unit is for treatment of HDD mud to be ready for shipping to Korea. This mud dewatering system includes one GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge, one VFD control panel, one Telescopic Skid, and Containerized Chemical Dosing System.

1) Decanter Centrifuge

The GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge is one of the most popular centrifuges from GN Solids Control. The bowl of the centrifuge is 14inch by 50 inch. And the speed of the centrifuge is up 3800RPM with typical speed from 0 to 3200 RPM for drilling mud treatment. The duplex stainless steel bowl is made from centrifugal casting. The screw inside the bowl is made from stainless steel and protected by Tungsten Carbide tiles.