November 02 2017

GN Mud Cleaning Equipment in The States for Construction Mud Treatment

These days, one of GN’s engineers is busy on commissioning of the mud cleaning equipment sent to the site where a client from The States want to use these equipment to clean the waste mud produced in construction project. So far, all the equipment have been well connected, next, GN’s engineer will help to test running of the equipment and train client’s operator how to use GN machine.This client totally order 2 set mud cleaning system from GN, GN hopes the performance of the machine would satisfy client and brought profit for client as soon as possible. The ordered mud cleaning system is consist of several separation modules and related auxiliary equipment, below is a brief introduction on the system.

October 28 2017

GN Decanter Centrifuge Working in Canada for Oil Sludge Treatment

Couple months ago, one client ordered decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pumps from GN solids control, and now the centrifuge unit are working on their jobsite in Canada for oil sludge treatment. Oil sludge would come from the drilling site oily waste cuttings, oil storage tank bottom sedimentation flushing slurry and refinery plant oily waste. GN has decanter centrifuge designed especially for the oil industry. After few years’ development, the centrifuge unit was approved qualified in solids control fine solids separation, drilling fluids recycling and oil recovery from waste oily sludge.

20171027 New U.K. Ireland Distributor
October 27 2017

New U.K. & Ireland Distributor for non-oil and gas sector

Hebei GN Solids Control Co. are proud to be working with the GTD Group in delivering a new and exclusive distributor for the non-oil and gas sector in the UK & Ireland, trading under the name GN Solids Control UK

GN Solids Control UK comprises a team who are themselves innovators of the GN technology.  They will bring immediate benefits to GN and prospective UK and Ireland customers, delivering dedicated sales, technical, and logistical support with high-end service from pre-sales through to after-sales.

The UK directors use GN equipment in some really testing conditions and sector-specific applications and from that hands-on experience, know it to be some of the absolute best on the market in terms of build quality, reliability, performance and value for money. Building on that knowledge, they have committed resources and management time to bring the GN range to a wider audience both here in the UK & Ireland and across the wider western European market.

October 21 2017

Second batch Solids Control Equipment for the Ukraine 16 Drilling Rig Project

After few months' documentation preparation and request following up, GN finally was awarded the tender of solids control equipment for 16 drilling rigs in Ukraine. Client is planning to upgrade the existing mud recycling system by replacing the old equipment. This tender includes over 30 units decanter centrifuges, over 30 units shale shaker and mud cleaners, as well as 6 units vacuum degassers. Below pictures shown is the second batch equipment ready for delivery.

Shale shakerand mud cleaner are the equipment use to remove the large size drilling cuttings in the drilling fluids. GN’s shale shakers model of GNZS594E-HB which is especially designed for the oil and gas drilling with weir feeder to buffer the high pressure impact for protecting the shaker screen. The screen deck of the shaker is adjustable from -1°to +5°,operator could even adjust the shaker deck during running of the shaker. With the G force up to 7.5, the shaker could greatly dry the solids for drilling fluids recovering. The cyclone manifold is bolted fixing on the shaker unit and could be removed for easy transportation and installation.

October 13 2017

Mud Gas Separators and PLC Waste Collection Container for Sinopec

Being a professional manufacturer for solids control and waste management equipment, GN has been praised by more and more world famous oilfield service provider. Back from the holiday of China National Day, GN finished the order from Sinopec for mud gas separators and waste collection containers. Mud gas separator is manufactured according to the API and ISO standard, usually used for drilling in underbalanced conditions where dramatic pressure surges normally. GN’s mud gas separator is with simple structure of several baffle plates welded in the inner wall of the vessel for gas cut mud hitting on the baffle plates for dispersion, and then the gas separated. Normally, the separated gas will be guided to an open area for burning by an ignition device.

In this order, the waste collection containers are used to collect the drilling waste cutting or other waste stuffs on drilling site or oilfield. Before manufacturing, GN’s engineers had sufficient communication with client on the specifications requested of the container.