December 28 2018

Today, GN just shipped out one batch solids control equipment manufactured for a Russia oil company. Being a leading manufacturer of drilling mud solids control equipment, GN Solids Control is well remarked in world market for the excellent product quality and onsite performance. More and more drilling contractors and Oil Company came to GN for business negotiation.
The order from this Russia oil company is consisting of main solids control equipment such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and the degasser unit. All equipment is painted customized color that is good for advertising to clients business.

Shale shaker is the first step separation equipment in solids control system. GN shaker is designed simply in the shaker screen installation and shaker deck angle adjusting device. Simple design makes the operators quickly to handle it. Patented sealing rubber installation method and high quality rubber material selection ensures the good sealing performance. Normally, in the same mud system, it is recommended to use same model shaker as the bottom drying shaker of the mud cleaner unit for convenient maintenance in future. GN mud cleaner is composed by the under shaker and movable cyclone manifold. The manifold frame is made with standard dimension and structure for easy assembling/disassembling in transportation or installation.

GN centrifugal degasser unit is with small footprint and installed vertically on mud tank, it can remove the cut-in gas from return drilling mud effectively so as to increase the working efficiency of subsequent centrifugal pump and cyclone unit. GN centrifugal degasser is a self-suction unit without extra feeding pump.

GN 14 inch decanter centrifuge is popular model in drilling mud separation system. The centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material of the centrifuge denser to avoid the air bubbles so that to get a better dynamic balance. Normally, GN is providing the decanter centrifuge with explosion proof control cabinet, 6 meters feeding hose, solids discharge chute as standard package. For better installation on mud tank, GN always suggest client to choose the extra centrifuge supporting legs.

At the end of year 2018, GN successfully completed the shipment of this batch solids control equipment to guarantee the delivery on client site on time. Wish client a good operation of the project in using GN equipment, which is the best gift to GN in New Year.