December 06 2017

As a manufacturer of solids control and waste management equipment, GN Solids Control has the complete production line for fabrication the equipment from raw material of steel cuttings, bending, to lathe processing, then to coating process. At every procedure, GN adopts the up-dated fabrication machine to ensure the quality and efficiency. Recently, GN just upgraded the painting workshop appliances for purpose of both efficiency increasing and environmental protection.

Automatic shot blasting machine – shot blasting machine is used to working piece surface cleaning up and strengthen. It can remove the burr and rust of the casting, so that the subsequent painting process would be performed well.

Constant temperature spraying – In order to increase the paint coverage area on the working piece and outer surface painting quality, GN set up the dust-free and airless painting line. Airless painting machine applies high pressure on the paint, and then the paint was sprayed out via the spray gun as fog style. It can spray the paint to all points of the working piece where the brash will not reach. The thickness of the spray painting is uniform and the consumption is less. Constant temperature would speed up the drying process even in winter.

Electrostatic spraying – the material used in electrostatic spraying is the plastic powder. As the powder coating material has no solvent in it, it will not produce waste of water, gas and solid stuffs. Thus the electrostatic spraying technology is developed fast and nowadays widely applied. Electrostatic spraying also has advantages of high efficiency, suitable for automatic production line and coating powder recyclable.

With a series strict regulations issued on environment protection, many factories stopped their painting job. GN Solids Control is pleased to accept outsourcing painting service with precondition of completion of GN own painting job.