January 05 2018

The closed loop system for treating the drilling waste is now more and more popular and requested by almost all the drilling plant and oil products producers. This week, GN completed the delivery inspection for some drilling waste management equipment including 2 vertical cuttings dryers and 4 decanter centrifuges. These equipment would be used by CNPC for their drilling waste treatment.
Vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge are 2 of the main equipment in drilling waste management system. In the same system, cuttings dryer and centrifuge are installed in the same line but one after another in working procedure.

Vertical cuttings dryer is always used to treat the drilling waste cuttings discharged from the primary shale shaker in the solids control system. Discharged cuttings still has large content of drilling fluids that can be recovered for reuse. Besides the drilling cutting, most of the oily sludge treatment also use the cuttings dryer unit for large size solids separation. GN’s cuttings dryer is fixed with screen of 3 sizes. The finest is 250 microns, which means the solids larger than this size would be removed out. Please be noted, the solids less than 250 microns would pass through the screen opening and flow to next procedure with the liquid. After treated by GN vertical cuttings dryer, the OOC will be less than 5%. The effluence coming from the dryer unit needs to be polished by the centrifuge for ultrafine solids separation.

GN big bowl decanter centrifuge could be used in normal solids control system, waste management and some other separation projects. The centrifuge ordered by CNPC is the GN 18 inch model with big capacity and cut point is down to 2-5 microns. The adoption of duplex stainless steel and centrifugal casting technology guarantee the machine stable performance and fewer breaking down for maintenance.
GN has established the business relation with many of the top class servicer and producer in oil industry. This is not the first time GN got order from CNPC, any request, please feel free to contact with GN.